D Fast - Sunday (Trip-Hop/chillout/downtempo/lounge)

D Fast - Sunday (SoundCloud setlist)


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  1. Out 'n Bout
  2. Sleepless
  3. Sunday
  4. From the Moon
  5. Fidd
  6. Ghostnotes
  7. Valure
  8. Schematics Behind the Sun
  9. Inconsolable
  10. The Count’s Pad
  11. City Breaks-a-Dawn
  12. Liquid Cool
  13. Ventrilo
  14. Finend

Album runtime 59 minutes.

Featuring the talents of:

Johannes Silvonen (trumpet): Tracks 03, 04, 11
Vesa-Matti Pietarinen (bass guitar): Tracks 03, 04
Keppa (guitar): Track 09
Asko Sartanen (guitar): Track 04



Great stuff man!
If you can’t sell this i don’t know what will.
Can you discribe a bit how you work?
Do you play in a band, cause I hear a lot of accoustic stuff.
Or is it all samples?

This album features me playing acoustic and electric guitar and bass, drums (not much though, most of the drums are sampled from rare funk and jazz records as are a lot of the sounds used in this album), doing some crazy vocal chanting (heard mostly on the track City Breaks-a-Dawn), some synthesizers (MOTIF8, MS2k, Juno-106), rhythm egg, cowbell(!) and probably some other as well. I recorded some musicians for the album, most notably a trumpetist and a bassist. I also tend to go through my old recordings and sample myself.

Glad you like it! Might toss in a few full songs at some point.

Oh, the whole album was made with Renoise 2.6 (few of the tunes were originally made with ft2).

Very good classical chillout.

First freebie:

dfast - Sunday

Great stuff!
Really, really good.

Thanks you for the groove!

You forgot to tag it “Lounge”, but i’m looking forward to the release.

Cheers for the comments!

Here’s another one:

dfast - From the Moon

Have you tried your signature?

I really don’t fancy gimmicky signatures, although it could be good promotion-wise.

hey Dfast !

in “From The Moon

particularly at 4:06

super groove

and at 5:02

it simply perfect


much love for the groove in sunday
i’d wake up on that any given monday ;D

very nice stuff dfast :)

Yyaaaaaaayyyy new D Fast stuff! I’ve been waiting the announce of this release for some time now :). Will it be released in a physical format as well?

I’ve been waiting patiently for your new album, and these teasers obviously show it’s worth the wait!

So please, do release soon :)


Estimated release date the 30th of June so it’ll take a while. Planning to press 100 copies of CD-audio and toss the album to Spotify, iTunes and all those alike via TuneCore. No label interested in releasing it so far (tbh haven’t really sent any demos anywhere).

this album sounds stunning judging from the previews!! really looking forward to getting the whole set. you will sell it on bandcamp right dfast?

Thanks! And yes for bandcamp.

Loving the funky vibe in Sunday.
Can’t wait to buy the album. :yeah:

10 days to go mr. dFast… (Yes you are being watched and pushed on the deadline)