Daed - Irregular Expressionism


Hi friends!

I have released a new EP: ‘Irregular Expressionism’ on Defunkt Records!

It was made entirely in Renoise, so I figured it was relevant. I hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

–Ian (Daed)


freaking great as always

i shared the link on the Bitwig discord the folks there appreciate as well :slight_smile:

Related: A video of one of the tracks in Renoise


Cr@p this is f@cking great!!

That’s great and also the Cover-Artwork is cool. Reminds me a bit on covers from TEITANBLOOD .


Thank you! I actually created that cover in it’s entirety. :slight_smile:

Something very personal about it to me. Heavily related to the doodles I used to do instead of paying attention in class.

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Wow, impressive job and ideas! Great man!

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great microediting, very fresh :metal:

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Fucking cool !!! Thx !!!

Excellent work, sir!

Appreciate the intricacies… Obvious that you are a true composer. big up!!!


Appreciate !!! Badass !!! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

I can relate to some of it. :slight_smile:

This stuff is fantastic! Purchased it before I got to the end of the EP. :smiley: Glad someone dug up this thread. I adore the artwork. Very cool indeed.

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Linked it to a friend. She also bought it within a few minutes of hearing it.

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Thank you! The support is much-appreciated!