Daily Renoise One Hour Compos

I’m proposing that we start having daily one hour compos at 19:00 GMT, and 1:00 GMT, #renoise’s peak times. This sound good guys? :P

yes, see you there!

You guys have way too much time on your hands :D

how about 24 competitions a day? :)

really, in my opinion this approach will lower your songs quality standard; I took part to some OH competitions in the past (1996-1999) but was really hard for me to obtain good results. also, you risk to overdo this kind of competitions by making it on a daily basis.

of course you BYTE-Smasher won’t take part to OH every day, but you should almost be there to organize… isn’t this a bit mad?

I think an OHC every day is an overkill. Once weekly seems more reasonable to me. How does Satudray 19:00 GMT sound?

moreover, doing it on a daily basis will probably result in more compos with less participants

Not the greatest… The weekend is actually when our traffic drops, and Saturday is particularly bad. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the busiest days of the week on the channel.

I should restate my purpose here. I want to have regular compos, but if there’s noone around who wants to compo at the compo time, we won’t bother. My hope was that in posting this, we’d get enough interested traffic at our peak times that it would truly be worthwhile to hold compos then.

Truth of the matter is, we can hold OHCs at the drop of a hat now… it’s just a matter of getting interersted users to gather at the same time. Having daily timeslots posted here seemed like the best idea.

The entire point of OHCs is to limit people enough that they:
A ) Get into thinking about song structure all the time
B ) Start messing around with various features they’ve never used before in an attempt to do something interesting in a short time
C ) Become amazed enough with certain aspects of other people’s entries that they investigate … “How’d they do that with these crappy samples?” … “How’d they do that so fast? That usually takes me hours?” … etc

More than anything, it’s a quick route to learning Renoise… and I think everyone who’s truly interested in learning anything or everything about Renoise should consider participating at least once. It’s important not to get discouraged either… some of the people participating have been tracking for decades. Some of them have classical training. Some of them are Trent Reznor. Well, not really. Or is he? :o

The point is that it’s 1) Educational and 2) Fun

The point is NOT to make the best track … or even a good track… it’s just to participate and take out of it what experience you can.

Me and Mickrip now have a semi-automated system in place that’s very easy for all involved to use. Both of us currently have enough access to run compos, and we might be opening it up to other channel ops soon. The chances of there not being an op around at peak times is VERY slim, as we’re the ones who cause those times to peak :P

The entire point of OHC’ing:

  1. Sweat your ass off getting frustrated with ideas and samples
  2. Make your heart pump more than usually, 'tis pretty exciting to compo
  3. Ram the song one pattern at a time, no time to think about structures here
  4. Have fun with a bunch of people
  5. Practice the ancient art of fast composing


Or at least some sort of Timezone chart?


wait oops. i didn’t know it said daily. cancel my “see you there”.

i think we should announce on a per-OHC basis

I reckon twice a week: once each representing a peak time. Once it becomes regular people can look forward to it.

yeah daily is too much.

I picture the obsessive tracker, religiously participating every day, spending the other 23 hours of the day racking his brain to think what he can do next time…

Go for it! Let’s see who shows up most often. :D

Ok… Tuesdays and Thursdays then?

Sounds good!

those are the only days i’m at the university from 6:30am-8:30pm, which is 14 hours time where it’s least convenient for me to track :(

Well again, this is why I wanted to have daily time slots… and if people show, they show… if they don’t, they don’t. We had one person in today asking to compo.

I think as a new renoise user. One hour compos is really hard for the pro. So this will extremly hard for people like me.
My internal clock runs not that fast and i need time to manage things in my new app (renoise).

I think to become results in one hour, you must be a renoise-pro.

If will the devs get newcomer, what about an newcomer friendly compo with a large time to get results.

Another idea that comes in mind at this moment. What about this?

1 pro helps 1 newcomer in an partnership and the result goes in an compo. I think many beginners like me are to shame to post results in the early stage. With a partnership things going easy.

aloha :P

I (respectfully) disagree… I’m also a Renoise newbie, but unlike you, I can’t wait to participate in the one hour compos! As BYTE-smasher (I think) said… what a great way to explore and learn Renoise, eh?

So when do we start? :D

+1 A comp like this is just the kick up the arse I need to start and finish a track! :guitar: