Dead Dog Collaboration Idea

Final link!

Soundcloud page each contribution will be uploaded for easy listening on progress of the song:

Media fire folder I will try and get every round uploaded to:

Individual links, newest at top: - R20 td6d
Round Missed - R19 Beat Fuhrer
Round Missed - R18 E.H.V.A.H SDC
Round Missed - R17 Uav
Round Missed - R16 kickofighto
Round Missed - R15 yourlocalloser
Round Missed - R14 Ripley
Round Missed - R13 Rhowaldt
Round Missed - R12 TheBellows
Round Missed - R11 td6d
Round Missed - R10 kickofighto - R09 f+d+k
Round Missed - R08 YourLocalLoser - R07 Kazakore
Round Missed - R06 Ripley - R05 Beat Fuhrer - R04 Rhowaldt - R03 E.H.V.A.H. SDC - R02 TheBellows - R01 Uav - R00 Initial.

Remember you can add three samples or one instrument of your own per round.

Hope I’m not treading on anybody’s toes as there has been other talks of collaboration ideas recently but nothing seems to be moving forwards at the moment so thought I’d put this forward to you. Massive shame with the failure of last attempted LongTrack project too!

Not a competition but feel it belongs more in this section than in the others really, and many of you know to expect this kind of stuff from me here now.

So hands up for who would be interested in something ran along these lines:

To start I would create an empty xrns file with a randomly generated sample pack loaded into the Instruments (one sample per instrument.)

Each round the contributor is allowed to add up to 3 samples or 1 instrument (meaning a good drum kit or multi-sampled instrument could be added if desired.)

You then have a week before it passes onto the next person. (If nothing is done then it’s just a break week and doesn’t halt the entire thing, like often happens with no strict timelines.)

Order goes 1-X then 1-Xevens, 1-Xodds(So if there was 8 people it would be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7 meaning everybody has two goes and nobody is only working on the bare basics or almost complete song.) - Trying to make it so you don’t work after same person both times…

You can modify existing parts as much as you desire but please try to respect the original artist and don’t just delete swathes of music as it’s not a style you like.

All parts would be publicly uploaded to the thread so everybody can see progress, although who is working on it will of already have been defined.

Filename will be updated to include which round it was generated from.

Anything I’ve missed or ideas to be added to something along these lines?

Attendees list:

  1. UAV
  2. TheBellows
  3. E.H.V.A.H. SDC
  4. Rhowaldt
  5. Beat Fuhrer
  6. Ripley
  7. td6d
  8. yourlocalloser
  9. f+d+k
  10. kickofighto
  11. Kazakore

Dates against your names going with original plan and order above:

R01 31st May - 6th June = Uav
R02 7th June - 13th June = TheBellows
R03 14th June - 20th June = E.H.V.A.H. SDC
R04 21st June - 27th June = Rhowaldt
R05 28th June - 4th July = Beat Fuhrer
R06 5th July - 11th July = Ripley
R07 12th July - 18th July = Kazakore
R08 19th July - 25th July = YourLocalLoser
R09 26th July - 1st Aug = f+d+k
R10 2nd Aug - 8th Aug = kickofighto
R11 9th Aug - 15th Aug = td6d
R12 16th Aug - 22nd Aug = TheBellows
R13 23rd Aug - 29th Aug = Rhowaldt
R14 30th Aug - 5th Sept = Ripley
R15 6th Sept - 12th Sept = yourlocalloser
R16 13th Sept - 19th Sept = kickofighto
R17 20th Sept - 26th Sept = Uav
R18 27th Sept - 3rd Oct = E.H.V.A.H SDC
R19 4th Oct - 10th Oct = Beat Fuhrer
R20 11th Oct - 17th Oct = td6d
R21 18th Oct - 24th Oct = f+d+k
R22 25th Oct - 31st Oct = Kazakore

Yeah I was about to start a post like this, but still thinking how to organize the whole thing! It need to be reaaalllly organized to lead up to something but it can be really great to do! 8 people 8 weeks 8 tracks one album ?

I like that 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7 idea.

no matter what the rules will be, count me in!

Added an attendees list to first post (with your name on) guess I should add myself really… ;)

This sounds fun, count me in aswell. :)

Sounds like a funny idea i’d love to try out, but i still suck at producing :(

Even if true it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Shall I add you to the list?

yeah, i’ll be glad to join in. especially after being in the DDRC rounds with uav, i’d like an opportunity to shake hands with my nemesis for a change :)

also, it can still be called DDRC: Dead Dog Renoise Collaboration
(btw, there’s a spelling error in the title, collaboration is with double ‘l’)

great idea kazakore, i know about the idea by The Witch Kings as well, but this one already has a plan. i joined in the last Longtrack as well, and it was indeed a shame it never got finished. from that experience, i do have some ‘tips’ which are not to be too much of rules, but would be nice if people would do this. this is quoted from another post in the Longtrack 2 thread btw (my own quote):

DDRColla (sounds like a dog collar) maybe to avoid confusion…

Thought I had corrected that when I double checked if it was single or double in the main body, where Firefox will do spellchecking for me ;)

Think LongTrack was meant to be more discrete parts done by each author, although I expect this would end up moving through a few style and thus there will need to be some work on transitions I’m aiming more at collaborating together on behemoth piece, that will hopefully progress, but people will be working more with other’s material rather than trying to patch their own onto the end of it. If you get what I mean…

better don’t count me in. i think i would ruin the song…

maybe i will try participating on the next (normal) song contest.

count me in

If you’re worried then no worries, wont put you don’t, but as with the competitions there is no pressure and it’s all only done for the fun of it. :)

well, then count me in, lol :)

are we supposed to use only royalty-free samples or is it regardless?

Very interesting idea. Count me in!

I am so down to do this! Sign me up on the attendees list!

Well we have enough people now (not any kind of maximum limit though so still open for anybody else wishing to join in.)

The way it currently stands we would have Uav starting off and td6d doing the final polishes at the end. Would you both be happy with these roles or is there anybody who would want to put themselves forwards for either position?

Monday - Monday for each round seem a good idea or anybody got preferences of what would make a week in this venture?

I’m at BangFace Weekender this weekend and not back until Monday so think this thread will run at least another week before we can start things up…


you’re right, i get what you mean, and i agree.
still, i think it is important for people to remember to not just build there own shit in regardless, but give some thought to transitions and stuff like that. also, if you hear a shitty transition done, try and fix it. also, if you have knowingly done a shitty transition, or maybe you are not quite happy with that bass-sound, or you feel the drums need more punch, i think it would be a good idea to just tell the next person, so he can try and do something about it. the song comments are useful for that. add a comment, and when you fix it, add ‘fixed’ to it or something.

well i hope anybody agrees to these common practices, or maybe smack me in the head shouting ‘duhhhhhh!!’ :)

oh! I thought everybody will start something at the same time !
like this:

This way everybody work on every aspect of the song.
Since we are 8 on each tracks it doesn’t really matter if somebody don’t have the time to do something and skip his turn, we all have our scheludes…
But that’s seems fun enough to try no ? or am I to ambitious ?

Agree with all your point rhowaldt.

That seems VERY ambition Uav! Especially with not being able to hear other peoples ideas as you are doing your own. First week, somebody starts the lead melody in G Major, somebody else the bassline if F Minor and some atmosphere in a diminutive scale. How do you think that is going to sound? (Sorry if that doesn’t quite make sense, my music skills suck! But I think you will get the idea.) The next week people are trying to “correct” these clashes, introducing new ones…

Maybe something that could be tried on another attempt, with quite stringent ground rules set beforehand.

6th week is a little bit problematic for me as i have to write exams and won’t be able to have much time working on this and i feel quite unsure about my skills for this. so i think i’m going to give off my participation to someone else. sorry for the trouble caused.

I hesitated to participate, but if ripley really wants to quit, I’d be glad to be in at his/her spot.

@ripley: if you change your mind again, please drop me a note, and I’ll give the spot right back to you, ok? :walkman: