Dead Dog Disko Competition Round 16

And the winner is no.4

Congratulations to Uav for being the master of silence!

  1. Rhowaldt
  2. Beat Fuhrer
  3. DubKidFlash
    4. Uav

Tracking time is over! Time to get your ears at the ready and choose your favourite from this selection.

Deadline Tuesday 5th July 12noon UK time

Busy day at work, hope you don’t mind the slightly late start (even though rules were pretty much announced in the thread of the last round.) Gonna stick this up then make myself some dinner!

Deadline for submission is 12noon UK time Thursday 30th June

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: No samples to be used. But make sure you check out the notes below!
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. This includes rendering selection and similar.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .xrns file must be provided! Audio file is optional but it does make voting easier (SoundCloud) so please bear this in mind. Especially if considering an infinitely playing song, such as that by TheBellows in the More Tuned Devices thread and also check out the Monophonic Synth thread Also lots of good hints and techniques to get you started in there.

Note: Although you are not allowed to load any samples or other instruments you are allowed to create your own samples from scratch within Renoise, using the techniques in question. Also null samples (a sample of length 1) can be used if you find this an easier method for kicking the other devices into making noise. You can Render Selection or similar to create your samples, allowing you to generate drums and other sounds that would be hard to program every single time you wanted them played. You may find using a high BPM and LPB for this. As the .xrns must be provided I ask that patterns created for generating your own samples are also kept (even if not in the Sequence) and for completeness it would be best if you can use Pattern Commands to set the BPM/LPB in these patterns (although maybe not possible due to pattern effect limits…)

Most of all have fun and be creative!

this sentence is only becoming clear to me after reading it over 10 times. please rephrase or add some punctuation for clarity.

that said, even though i was expecting this, it is really cool. anything that turns people on to new and creative techniques is cool.

although i’d love to join, this round coincides with my turn on the DDRCollab (as you probably know i only have the weekends for tracking), so not sure if i can do something this round. doesn’t matter to skip one i guess. but i’ll see how that all turns out.

Really? Although I do go on to try and explain more and give examples following it. I will say the sentence really shouldn’t of started with the word Although though so will look seee if I can make it a little clearer…

How about:
“Although you are not allowed to load any samples or other instruments you are allowed to create your own samples from scratch within Renoise, using the techniques in question.”

Does that include drawing samples?

I’d like to say no but as always it’s a bit of a grey area. Although you can only start with no samples once you render a section you have some sample space, even if it’s silent the Draw tool is part of Renoise. Hard to tell if you drew it or cut out a single cycle of a waveform you had rendered too (although it has been asked rendered sections are kept in separate patterns.)

So yes, it’s allowed, but shall we say it’s unofficially frowned upon?

Why not officially frowned upon?

I get what you’re saying. I guess I’ll be using the other methods as much as possible.

yes, that is a lot clearer. the problem with the earlier sentence was the strange comma-placement which made it difficult to read, to me. this is perfect.

Track finished, need some works on the mixing, and I’m ready to win this one, üav is back! watch your ass thebellows !

Haha, you will probably beat me, i’m not shure if i’ll finish something in time, i have been ill the last week and haven’t had the energy to do anything.

this challenge was cool (creating sounds from dsp is very sick imo) only thing I wish tho was that sample commands worked… lol but that’s like impossible I think

Got second interview for job I doubt I’ll take even if offered today so sorting out files for upload and voting will be slightly delayed. Good luck and don’t forget to get your entry in today if you haven’t already!

If I can have extra time to this evening it’s perfect :)

Yet a see a message from you a few minutes after deadline…

Anyway home now, will get downloading and packaging. Wont be able to do the usual tidy up job due to new hard drive being delayed but will get something to vote from up soonish :)

daamnn how can i again only find out about this compo right now!!?? o well. i think this is a cool challenge so i’ll make some rubbish anyway and maybe put it in the song discussion forum :)

Here’s the pack, four tracks, two of which had rendered versions. I took the liberty of converting the wav into an ogg at Q10 hope no complaints. It will not being going on SoundCloud for the reason only two had renders (although maybe it could be done, didn’t check if any played infinitely.) Also Deleted Unused from the one you can see took fair advantage of the Render Selection rule. As ALSA was tied up with Firefox I haven’t yet tried to listen to them though…

Also couldn’t get zip or rar to work so hope you’re all happy with .arj file. WInRAR and 7zip both had it listed so would think it’s no problem but will be able to make a zip on Saturday if anybody really needs.

Anyway part the reason I’m waffling quite so much is I’m waiting for it to upload. Here’s your link:

Good luck everybody!

after a little play time i had a kick, woodblock sound that could do as a snare (especially when well distorted), and 1 good synthlike crunch. after about 100 Render Selections i gave up trying to build shakers, haha

hahaha ARJ is effin ancient! o well it’s supported everywhere that’s true, even if you have like a DOS 3 pc it probably has a floppy disk with arj on it too :P
just one thing, entry #1 seems to be completely empty! as in… not just no samples… no patterns, no effects, nothing. somebody must’ve sent the wrong file

I was about to say “Be careful what you say, you might give the game away which one is yours.”

Then I realised you had unfortunately missed the round again. From that it sounds you could definitely on got something in if you’d caught the round though ;)

I just demo-ed my submission to my boss and his audio engineer, they asked me to leak my licence :confused:

What do you do for a job?

Did you explain to them how few limitations there are to the Demo and how good value (trying not to say cheap there) a licence is?

I work in a small agency oriented to sound design for ads… Right now I work on an art installation, multiple speakers/lights interacting with kinect via processing.

I pretty much conviced them to buy it when I said them the price.