Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 20

Voting over! Sorry about lack of a clear form but I feel we do have a clear winner from comments in the thread.

Congratulations to KURTZ dor your excellent work!

Please get rules for the next round in to me via PM asap. Due to start midday tomorrow.

Well tracking time is over, including an extra week to help you get your head around what to do. Below is the vote pack.

Deadline for voting is 12noon UK time Thursday 8th September

Good luck to all who participated.

Seem to have broken the board poll by adding a second after running the one on voting time first. Please vote at this external link.

Deadline for entries is 12noon UK time Thursday 1st September.

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Only the single-cycle waveforms in template song to be used!
Additional Rules: Template song only. No extra normal Tracks or Note Columns to be added! Any number of Sends allowed (to give yourself access to multiple sounds.) Creation of new Instruments allowed, with layering of waveforms per note permitted (eg different basenotes for chords, or finetune for more complex/full sounds.) Provided samples only. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Line-In, Draw and Render To Sample (expect if you CPU/Freeze reasons.)
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Get your template song here:

i’ll see if i can join in this one. wanted to do an entry for the Bleep (Soundcloud, Warp) compo as well, and that one actually has prizes and stuff so i might have to make that one a priority… too little time, i really love this concept, in fact, when i was in Italy and i would’ve been on time to set the rules i would have gone for the ‘single track’ rule.

Bleep just has to be unreleased, doesn’t have to be written in the time you have. Although I think that really also means not uploaded to the public before too…

You also have until 9th September for it ;)

yeah i know, but 1. i don’t have a proper finished track and 2. i want to write a proper track for it because a challenge helps me focus. you are right that i have until 9th of September but you know you have to count that in weekends in my case, and the weekend after next i will be away and blah and meh and, but, uhhhh… i’ll see what i can do!

Fair points Rhowaldt. You need to get yourself a Support type job where you can take in your laptop and much of it consists of hoping the phone doesn’t ring (and that you’re boss isn’t a total $%£&!) ;)

well i do payroll administration, which also comes with telephone support. i get loads of freedom, so i don’t really feel like stretching that even further by putting on my headphones and making music - i am also in a room with 8 other people, and i kinda enjoy working there, so… that is not an option for me :)

Single track would be awesome, we got to try that some time! :)

We already are!

Although with as many Sends as you like (although getting them to work together may turn out to be hard) this is still only single Note Column of a single Track.

So far I’m finding this hard! Not liking the sound I’ve created so far too much :(

Haha, i hadn’t checked the temple song yet, cool! :yeah:
This is gonna be a seriously tricky one. :P

I see what I can naturally do within those kind of limits, but the resulting music should sound… fragmented.
Can we use more than one effect column in the send tracks or are they also limited to one ?

I assumed effect columns in all tracks was unlimited, it’s only the note column which is limited to one.

yeah unlimited effect column, don’t hesitate to try ultra high bpm rate!

I was initially going with a high LPB and normal BPM but found it didn’t give me enough resolution in the Instrument Envelopes so doubled BPM ;)

people really should put some figures in with these shouts, as ‘high’ and ‘ultra high’ are pretty subjective terms. come on üav, what is your idea of ultra high bpm rate?

it can’t be more than 999

I think high speed, note off or continue on the instruments and velocity tracker for each instrument connected to send devices could be a nice sollution.
Hmm, maybe i should have kept that to myself, I wanna win again! Or what do you say Phowaldt? :D

I would say double or quadruple real BPM ;)

Yeah was thinking the same at one point, using a hydra to enable and diasable different send tracks depending on which instrument is used… Not the way I ended up starting though.

And only I’m allowed to use that pet name :P

Oh, did i write that, must have been a typo. :D