Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 24

Voting is over and the resounding winner is Kurtz with what could be described as a Dubstep monster and truly worth the winnings (of nothing but virtual honour.)

  1. Kazakore
  2. Uav
    3. Kurtz

Track over! Time to get voting.

Deadline for voting is 12noon UK time (be warned clocks change this Sunday) Tuesday 1st November.

  1. with 75 SID Samples used.
  2. with 21 SID Samples used.
  3. with 29 SID samples used.

Get you pack from:

Good luck everybody :)

Deadline for entries is 12noon UK time Thursday 27th October.

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: All of the 96 SID samples must be used a some point in the song
Additional Rules: Provided instruments/samples only. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Draw and Render To Sample (expect for CPU/Freeze reasons.)
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample/instrument pack can be found below. Provided by KURTZ this round:

Welcome everyone in this little one week trip into the SID chipset. The technical name of this chip is [b]MOS 6581.

Main technical features :

    Range: 0-4 kHz

    Triangle, Sawtooth, Variable Pulse, Noise

    Range: 48 dB

    Exponential response

  • ADSR Rates
    -Attack Rate: 2 ms - 8 s
    -Decay Rate: 6 ms - 24 s
    -Sustain Level: 0 - peak volume
    -Release Rate: 6 ms - 24 s

    Cutoff range: 30 Hz - 12 kHz
    12 dB/octave Rolloff Low pass, Bandpass, High pass, Notch outputs Variable Resonance


    You could find this chip inside the old but famous Commodore 64/128 personal computer. When I was very young, in the early eighties, I had this beast at home :yeah: and made my first BASIC programs with it :

At this time, this computer was known for the quality of its MOS 6581 chipset sound. But now let’s face it : the SID’s distorted and bitcrushed chipset sound is outdated. What about sculpting this old sound with a modern tracker like Renoise ? That’s the main purpose of this challenge.

Now, a bit of inspiration for your future works. Listen to this track :

and then this track :

what about this one :

Finally, it’s like an old tb303, an old minimoog, an old theremine, an old arp 2500, they’re outdated, but if you’re able to make actual genres with it and use the full power of a modern tracker like Renoise, you could make a music that falls into the hype zone.

I need to try this, but i think the rule that you have to use all 96 samples is a bit too strict.
I’m afraid there’s not enough time to implement them all in one track in a few days and i don’t really see the point in squeezing in samples that doesn’t really make the track better, it’s just a waist of time which i haven’t got too much of these days.
I love the sid though and i’ll see if i can pull it off anyway.

Here’s a track by a friend of mine who makes music with a c64 and a bass guitar. I made the video btw. ;)

Concerning the SID samples, I have myself a few problems with this rule. :unsure: I’m good at doing music with a restricted amount of samples. The profusion of options and possibilities paralize my creativity. Using all the 96 samples in a coherent and decent track, with style, is something very, very difficult for someone like me. And I think that unless I find a genre that allows me to to fullfill the needs of this round I won’t be able to make it. :unsure: And if you’ve got the sample problem : don’t panic. I see that rule as a “horizon” that you try to reach and that would be usefull, especially if there’s a draw in this competition. For example, imagine, that I use 36 samples in my xrns track, and you use 48 samples in yours. If there’s a draw between you and me, you win by default, because you’ve added more samples than me, in your own xrns track. That’s how I see it.

BTW what soft did you used for making the psycho-sociopathic video clip ?

That sounds a lot better than disqualification.
I used Animanatee on my NDS to animate mickey and bombs and stuff and the rest in photoshop and after effects to make the video. :)

Edit: haha i wrote “waist of time” :P

There are at least some duplicates in the pack. SID47 and SID77 null to complete silence and probably others I haven’t noticed.

So should we rephrase it to attempt to use as many of the samples as possible? I don’t think using all of them is that much of a tall order, many of them are short and can be used as hi-hat type sounds, so you vary and cycle through them and you should be able to work out something.

Should be good for micro-edited and glitch type tracks. Hope people manage to pull something out of the hat and have fun with it anyway :)

Yes, I think that finally “using as many of the available samples” should be anyway a good challenge for this round.

But I’ll probably have big problems on my side. I’m not good at making micro-edited music and glitch type tracks.
I need to increase my IDM / Dubstep culture and have approximatively an afternoon for that…

KURTZ watch your poitevin ass, I’m back!

Straight from work to a hire-out last night and then back into work with nothing but a 10min nap and going back shortly to de-rig. Not sure I’m going to be able to pull a coherent piece out of my brief noodlings! Have some overnight works tomorrow where I am hopefully just babysitting the system so if I have the energy maybe I’ll get a little done then though…

ok so I dind’t used all samples provided, I don’t know if I did something modern too, but I did a fat track and had a lot of fun doing it, few tweeks on the reverb an is ready!

You’re not obliged to use the full pack. In fact I’ve started to prepare my own entry, and to re-organise the whole samplepack. I’ve realised that there were more than one or two duplicates in it… Sorry guys I should have worked more on the pack before any release. Here’s the list of identical samples I’ve found :

  • sample00 & sample12
  • sample3 & sample15
  • sample31 & sample67
  • sample44 & sample63
  • sample5 & sample17
  • sample23 & sample41 & sample47
  • sample55 & sample73
  • sample35 & sample77
  • sample2 & sample14
  • sample20 & sample32
  • sample33 & sample56 & sample74
  • sample70 & sample4 & sample16 & sample88
  • sample19 & sample79
  • sample46 & sample76
  • sample62 & sample50 & sample87
  • sample61 & sample91

If someone didn’t started to work on the round, I recommend the deletion of those 21 duplicate files.

Hope I can get mine somewhere near completion in time…

Edited : okay I’ve just finished. But I could not use all the 75 SID samples. :unsure: It took me more time to listen, rename, and sort the samples, than to program the small track itself ! Well in fact what I did was somehow good, for someone like me : I’m good at tracking fast, with generally no more than 6 instruments. If I had more time I could have doubled the amount of my used sid samples… but my own deadline is reached, and I have no other option. I let my entry as is and send it to kazakore.

Thanx and good luck !

Although a few people have probably already seen it can I get you to edit your post as otherwise it will be very easy to tell which is your entry out of them ;)

ha ha ha ^_^ okay, it’s edited

Track over! Time to get voting.

  1. with 75 SID Samples used.
  2. with 21 SID Samples used.
  3. with 29 SID samples used.

Get you pack from:

Good luck everybody :)

EDIT: Voting deadline is 12noon UK time Tuesday 1st November.

Cool round ! That’ll be hard to make a choice, lots of fun and quality here.

Concerning a technical point of view I felt worried about my sample pack, not only because of the dups, but also because of the samples’ quality, that was so low, that it needed a lot of post-treatment.

I didn’t took time to check exactly in the .xrns files what effects have been chosen (probably HP/LP filters) to work it out here, but I can clearly hear that hopefully, participants have found valid workarounds for some clics & pops.

During the early compo wortime, I’ve constantly felt hesitations, between the necessity to cut those “pops”, and however to preserve the powerfull and typical “bitcrushed attack” of the lofi SID sound.

is this your SID ?

In the past when I was a kid I had a commodore 64 at home, but I had nothing else but a tape recorder and couldn’t digitally record anything at this time. The SID sounds come from my library of 65GB of various sounds. Concerning these samples, some of them come from various sources like free sound sites, some of them come from sound libraries from rompler-type plugins, and some have been grabbed from vst plugins and converted into xrnis… frankly the provided SID sounds are on my HD for a long time…I even don’t remember where they come from… :huh: I’m going to make a few investigations about it…


oookay… I remember I’ve grabbed them from the DrSID vst plugin.

You can find it here.

If you like chiptunes and lofi 8 bit sounds you can find something like happiness in this page.
(note that I should have grabbed samples from the 38911bytes plugin that sounds better than DrSID anyway it’s too late…)

I don’t want your evil vst: I have those chips that bleep :