Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 25

Voting is over, time to tally…

Congratulations Kurtz!

Another very worthy win in my personal opinion. Wish I’d managed to get something in to try and knock you off your pedestall but never mind…

Honourable mention goes to The Bellows as being the only person to try and give you a run for your money this time.

See you all in a couple of days for round 26. Two entries and only 3 votes. Sure we can do better guys!

Tracking over, time to vote people! Be warned voting is 1 day shorter than usual, ending on the Tuesday as normal.

Deadline for votes is 12noon UK time Tuesday 15th November

Grab the vote pack from:

Deadline for entries is 12noon UK time Friday 11th November.

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: DAFFY.xrni
Additional Rules: Provided instruments/samples only. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Draw and Render To Sample (expect for CPU/Freeze reasons.)
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample/instrument pack can be found below. Additional samples* provided by KURTZ this round:

*Kurtz had provided me with a much larger sample pack but I thought it might be a bit big and overwhelming for a one week competition. I have generated my usual random sample pack and then added 20 random samples from the Cartoon Effects folder and 5 extra Instruments from the more general section. I hope Kurtz is happy with this modification (and if you wish to override my decision you are welcome but made the call before getting a response from you.)

I feel it would be nice for you all to have all the sample he so kindly collated and provided but I will leave it up to him to provide the link if he wishes to do so.

No problem, kazakore, I’m ok with your selection, my samplepack was too big anyway. The more you reduce my options the more I’ll have chances to finish this round in time with a decent participation.

Finding it hard to get inspired! Plus “working” and knackered. Hopefully I’ll get some little shitty ditty done though ;)

The cartoon-music genre is based on a classical genre, with some typical orchestral setup, but uses lots of “special fx” that are most of the time based on an unconventionnal usage of instruments. Intruments fx and musicality are driven by the action, whatever it is. The genre alternates unpredictable slow and fast parts, lots of breaks instroduced by special fx (blams, flutes, boinks, crazy toms). What’s funny, is that cartoons heroes also seem to “dance”, following a kind of schizophrenic score.

Of course we will not use a classical instrument setup here, and Renoise is able to produce more modern effects. But the same method (alternate radically different genres and introducing lots of breaks with cartoon fx, schizophrenic score) should produce the same funny result.

Ahem… well well well. Okay I’ve made a song. But since there’s no activity on this thread, I would not be surprised if I was the only one.

You’re the second and fingers crossed I’ll find time to do something but not promising anything.

Think the Mutant Breaks may of stolen some of our interest… ;)

Cool if I’m not the only one, I feel better. :walkman:

I’ve replayed some funny daffy duck shows and the whole Roadrunner episodes, especially for this round, and tried to keep in mind the speed and the “mood”. I had some problems with the daffy samples, and with the whole cartoon samples : the fx are funny to play, but based on old lofi sounds - probably mixed in the 60ies or 70ies. Since Renoise renders well your modern samples, I had a problem of “content quality mismatch” during the mixing phase, that I couldn’t fix easily. I decided to partially lower / bitcrush the quality of some samples you provided, what makes the mix abit less odd, and seems to work both on my (crappy) headphones and (fucked-up) speakers.

I confess I’d used my precious time to check myself the MB votepack, hoping to grab some secret techniques inside the provided .xrns.

BTW I realised that it’s been a while that the new DDRC mp3s aren’t directly playable through soundcloud. I tried to find something on your dead dog disko soundcloud page, where I could quickly replay some entries from previous rounds (after #19), and found nothing special.

Anyway, the deadline is near.
So, happy tracking & good luck !


Sorry not updated it for quite a few rounds, partially as they have been so small, but partially as my membership (which was very kindly provided/transferred by another user) has now run out, limiting amount of Sets I can create and meaning I would have to do more maintenance between each upload session. (In short: Sorry I’m A Lazy Arse!)

Another day yet, started it a day late so tracking finishes on Friday this time ;)

Ah, i thought the deadline was today and i just remembered last night before bedtime and submitted one of the three tracks i started.
The first one was a scary horror track, but i ran out of ideas after 45 seconds.
The third one is kinda cool, but i realized i had used the vst ‘Ambience’ on one of the tracks and i couldn’t reproduce the sound with renoise effects.
So i went for my second attempt which is what it is. :P

Well if you want to put in a few more hours and resubmit…

Not had any time at work myself today :(

Nah, i say it’s fine as it is, i tried to track a bit after work, but i wasn’t in the groove.
Think i’ll go commit some murder in CS instead. :P

Vote pack below. I will edit first post and add a poll once I’ve had lunch.


the vote pack in the first post opens this image :

a dangerous place where to grab music



Sorry this case came to court in Monday and that image came up in a search for my “mates” name so guess that’s the flat he killed the guy in. Been some fucking bizarre revelations so far but I had kinda decided not to bring it all over to hear…

I got lots of “regulated” friends, and lots of “special” ones. I wouldn’t say that the special friends are sociopathic… They’re just strange. They have weaknesses in their minds. Some of them even went too far, in the psychopathologic area of human life (schizophrenic style & repetitive suicidal tendences). Even if people reveal worrying things that could push me to carefully stay behind my line of reason and stop talking to them, I confess I don’t feel I’m that different from them, maybe I’m just lucky enough to have a kind of “discontactor” in my brain that allows me to laugh when I encounter absurd things and don’t take things too seriously.

Well you lot have been quiet over the weekend! But at least there’s a couple of votes in and thus it’s time to announce the winner!

[b]Congratulation /b Kurtz!!!

Think you know what to do by now ;)

And very honourable mention to The Bellows as being the only other person to manage to participate in thus round!

Damn you kurtz, you’re just so annoying. Nah, congrats! :P

Again thanx for the votes ! :rolleyes: Hey TheBellows, I’ve seen that we have both chosen the “heeeeeeeeellllp” daffy duck sample, and btw I think that the way you used it, and mixed it, is somehow better than mine. However sorry, this round was supposed to be able to attract more renoisers, and maybe the final result could have been different with more participants and more votes. But anyway, we must admit that the success of the mutant breaks challenge didn’t really helped us this time. Anyway, since they say this only happens once a year, we will logically make more visits on our future threads, well… I hope…

I’m actually checking something related to renoise tools and see if we could define a tool based round… See you soon !

I noticed the daffy intro too, at first i thought i was listening to the same track.
I got one vote though, that’s not that bad out of three, even though the vote was probably yours. :P

yep, it’s mine :lol: