Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 29

Well tracking is over, unfortunately only one entry so no voting…

We do get to wish our congratulations to td6d for being the master of the speeds that transcend reality (or at least the only one who actually tried.)

See you all in a week.

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 5th January 2012

Tempo: As fast as possible
Genre: Any?? (speedcore/splitter?)
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise. Draw tool is allowed to create your own samples in the sample editor. Recording of your own vocal via line-in or sample recorder also permitted.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample Pack:

I hope there are som useable samples in the pack, happy tracking! :)

By saying “How fast can you track?” i don’t mean the time you spend tracking, but i think you understood that. :P
I don’t necessarily mean you should make some awful speedcore or such, the point is that it feels very fast. Maybe lots of quick shifts and variation could do the trick? ;)
In my opinion some Aphex Twin and Squarepusher sounds a lot faster than any speedcore i have heard.
Maybe the rule should have been something like “Track the fastest possible track without it sounding like shit”. :D
After all it’s the voters decision who wins, so it’s quite obvious that it needs to sound good.

So how FACT can YOU track? :lol:

So not talking so much about extratone or splittercore?

More high-speed (lots of) minute edits to try and get feeling of speed.

(I know there are far better examples than that Datach’i one but nevermind…)

It’s not like you get disqualified for not being fast enough and there are no genre preferences, you could make a fast jazz if you want to, even if that might get tricky with the samples provided. :)

That Datach’i thingy sounds pretty fast to me, can’t argue on that. The first one was also pretty fast. :D
Again, it’s all up to the voters.

Make a track that breaks the sound barrier with it’s tempo, a track so fast that it goes back through time.


Back through time”… Mmm. A very interesting challenge. Thank got we have computers. :lol: I can nearly see what could be done to produce this strange effect, but I need to make some experimentations to be sure if it really works - or not.

The only way to “reverse” the perception of time would be to perceive the end of a sound structure “at its beginning” and its “beginning” “at the end”, while accelerating the playback of this sound structure.

What means that there could be a perceptive threshold where the brain should be put in a kind of… confusion. Or it means that the sound structure should be somehow symmetrical. Something like that.

Or maybe, I will probably have to convert some fractal zoom visions I got in my mind, into “fractal” music, to make my experimentations and see if zooming out faster the music will change the perception of a wisely selected melodic structure. :huh: Ahem. It probably doesn’t mean anything to anybody (even me I have some difficultiies to understand what I’m writing), but anyway if I never try I’ll never know.

BTW, what’s interesting in acceleration of matter, is that science through the usage of particle accelerators, expect to catch something that is unique, something related to the origins, and that can’t be divided, but for now, in the end, going deeper into the structure of space, has always revealed new elements, new distances, new worlds.

It should be easy, just connect Renoise to your particle accelerator and shoot it through your personal hadron collider. ;)

I wonder when i’m gonna get time to track this week though, maybe i’ll have to shoot myself back through time too…

Well after several crazy experimentations, I can confirm that accelerating a musical structure to the highest possible rates, produces somehow a kind of noise, and induces the perception of new musical structures, that are generally “slower”. It does not reverse time, it can reveal new rythmic perspectives and the existence of other (often slower) tempos. I tried lots of combinations, even fractal based music (mandelbrot music). The sudden perception of a slower reality in the fastest structures is still interesting. However the time-reversion through the highest BPMs isn’t reached for now.

Maybe must we go in an opposite direction.

Sometimes, when you observe a wheel there’s an optical illusion that makes you believe that there’s a reverse motion in the wheel.

Is this kind of illusion possible through a musical or rythmic experience ?

Man not had a chance to do anything but have a quick once over of the sample pack :( Had really hoped to get something hard and fast in for this round!

Crap nothing works, I’m unable to reverse time while accelerating music, nor create a sound reverse motion illusion…

This was really a tricky one and lot of work to get things right. I have started 3 tracks so far, but they’re not fast enough yet…and deadline tomorrow :eek:

sorry guys, I’ve lost too much time in trying to make (in vain) sonic illusions and time reversion, I won’t be able to drop something for tomorrow :unsure:

Me neither, time is up and i’m off to work. :(

Me neither and one entry in at the moment. If we get no more in the next few hours should we extend it a week or have a lone entry and default winner?

I think in the past I put the decision of that question to the rule setter so I hope The Bellows see this and gives and opinion. Or that we get at least one more entry in…

For me it’s good either way. I’m not shure if the reason for the lack of entries is because lack of time due to new years eve and stuff or if the rules are to difficult or just don’t fall in taste?

It’s hard to make this decision without knowing what you guys are thinking?

Extension >=< Brand new rules? Poll maybe?

Last time I made a Poll to decide something mid-round it then wouldn’t let anybody vote on the final poll to decide the winner so I want to hold off that.

Show of hands. First of Yay or Nay to three or which has most by end of day or something?..

Ah, yes i remember that poll issue. Maybe the easiest would be to let the one who actually produced an entry in time win this round? At least it’s not KURTZ. :P


Congratulation td6d!!! for being the only person who managed to pull their finger out of the dark recesses this round ;)

Will listen now. Try not to until renaming so I don’t know whose is whose in case I have to cast the deciding vote when we get ties. :)

Who week to come up with your rules for the next one then.

His entry can be got from:
(His original link, I can reupload is there is need for me to do so.)

Congrats td6d! Nice track, though it didn’t exactly go backwards in time it was definately the fastest track this round! :D


But yeah, I made it on my laptop without headphones while suffering from my lovely insomnia (hence the name of the song :lol:)
I have no idea how it sounds on speakers bigger than 2cm but thats what makes this compo fun right!

As for the next ddrc, I’d like to hear some MINIMAL DUBSTEP! Yes, you heard me right, minimal dubstep.
So no constant wobbles on 0dBFS but delicate sounds (can be harsh, but delicate). Tempo should be 70-, 100- or 140bpm.

Game on.

Meant to PM but doesn’t matter too much. You want me to do a random sample pack or anything more specific? May be worth taking it to PM to leave a bit of a surprise (apart from the sample pack) for once the round starts ;)