Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 32


Got some good ideas while working with the sample pack, but I do have my problems
Keeping with the “one beat per 2.5 pattern lines” rule.

My first sketch turned out as a nice tune, but much nicer if I made it into 4/4ths
so I parked it to be worked on later :slight_smile:

Tried to enforce the 5 LPB rule this evening but arrived at something which is 9/16ths
I think. Argh. It’s really hard for me to not break the rules :P

Hm. I simply set it to 60BPM, 5LPB, pattern default 20 lines long, and didn’t care about that anymore…

Don’t know if I will finish something for the compo though. (Having a hard time with some of the sounds ATM, crap)

Hi, yeah, so did I, but I think I might have a left brain/right brain issue :stuck_out_tongue:

The only problems i had so far is that i can’t have a really fast LFOs and there seems to be something strange going on when i use some pattern effects, like retrig, together with the delay column.

cool sample pack! I’m really inspired by that bonham recording. Is that John you can hear “singing” along to the rhythms? :drummer:

Haha, i doubt this was Mr. Guetta and Mr. Wonders’ intention, my track is getting pretty weird. :P
May i ask if these vocal samples are under some licence or something or are they free to use how ever you like?

I believe it (they) came from here, so maybe the site/page can help answer your questions.

As to the half BPM thing: Don’t worry about it too much. Mind you can still get a 4/4 beat, it just means using the Delay column (or Dx values in Vol/Pan) to achieve it. You could also try using Renoise’s Groove to bring it so that using either line 2 or 3 is pulled to being pretty much on the half way point. Just experiment and have fun ;)

Sorry I missed this before. I think it’s a randomly sourced acappella and as such will be subject to copyright. Sorry but my samples are from all over the place and I don’t vet them for CC licence or similar only for these competitions. So use at your own risk…

Sounds like my samples collection, from all over the place. :P
Good to know, not that i’m gonna make a profit out of it or anything, but i think i’ll have to be careful where i post this track. :D

Only a few more days left, how’s it going for you guys?
Hope there will be some awsome tracks this round! :)

I’m out.

Deadline this Thursday, noon UK time. Don’t forget people ;)

I’m not really proud of it, it’s lame, it’s boring, but hey, it took me such a long time, it’s an entry @DDRC! :lol:

PS. I expect much better stuff from TheBellows, still love Don’t You Dare to Turn the Volume Down from DDRC14 :walkman:

I thought we agreed to put that one behind us…or was that just me? :P

I had a lot of fun this round and i’m quite happy with the track considering the circumstances, it’s almost as awful as ddrc14. :D

TheBellows is the new BobbyMcFerrin. Don’t worry, be happy! :P

Haha, looking forward to listen to all the results!
Right now I listen through all the versions of my track, and I think most of them sound better than the final version… <_<

OH CRAP!!! Something went wrong with two of the tracks! Kazakore, I hope you didn’t download it, I’ll upload the correct version ASAP to the same place, so the links of the PM should work.

man, I thought something is missing, but I thought it’s the earplugs…

This really sucks. Something strange is going on. I remember I used “Clear all muted slots” in the matrix for the first time ever. This in combination with aliases and automation. I had some of those aliases muted (crossed out) and it seems it cleared me away all of the pattern data of those aliases except the automation! Ok, maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to work, but still I didn’t expect this. It’s the first time I used aliases, too. And of course I thought I’m finished and closed renoise. Bye bye undo. Damn. :(

Tomorrow morning I’ll try to restore what hadn’t been a masterpiece anyway. GRRRR. Good night everybody…

I had some trouble with muted tracks earlier too, i don’t remember what the problem was, i thought i could just use the commands “off” and 00 at the volume column, but that didn’t work as i thought.

This round i had a problem with the sample splicer, why can’t i choose the pitch of each of the sample splices and why can’t i manually map the splices to the keys i want?
Another issue i had with the splicer was that after i somehow got the first two splices or so in the correct pitch and correct piece of the sample i tried a third one and it was not just the wrong pitch, when i pressed the assigned key it started to play the slice from a completely different part of the sample than where my slice marker was.
This thing was really annoying and i ended up with duplicating and trimming the samples manually instead to get it right.


Shoot, 1 minute late. But I PM’ed kazakore before I posted this… :P

3 enteries in at the moment. Just doing some breakfast and then I’m going to have to download the latest RC and very quickly check there’s no information in the files that shouldn’t be there (eg names in song comments) before uploading so that gives and unspecified amount of time to try and squeeze an entry in if people haven’t submitted… Seems that the length of time for tracking can’t be blamed for number of entries in many round though. Shame, I didn’t think the rules for this one were too confusing but many people seemed to have problems getting their heads around them.

Got distracted and didn’t end up finishing anything unfortunately. Maybe next time…