Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 33

Voting is over and we have a good result this time, even though I’m still failing to get them back up on Soundcloud!

Congratulations to no.3!! Big round of applause to Clapping Hand!!! (Please get rules to me for next round asap.)

  1. RobbieS
  2. f+d+f
    3. Clapping Hand
  3. Dunks

Tracking is over, get voting people!!

Deadline for voting is 12noon, UK time on Tuesday 3rd April

Vote Pack:

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 29th March 2012 (note I believe the clocks go forwards this Sunday)

Tempo: Any
Genre: Click-hop/Glitch-pop/Electronica
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise except for: Draw Tool in Sample Editor & Line-In Device. Rendering Selection only allowed for CPU reasons but please keep patterns used in a named section at the end of the song.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample Pack: The majority kindly provided by f+d+k, fairly random extensions by me (I also slightly trimmed down those from the Adventure Kid Waveform Pack at random.)

Examples by f+d+k:

I asked whether the contestants should try and keep to as chilled a vibe as the examples and got this response:

“think they should do as they like. Maybe the examples are a bit too much of the very rigid stuff (because I like that) – but actually I’d be happy to see songs with sort of a melody. Some freshness. I don’t know. Yeah whatever they like.”

So please interpret as you will.

I also hope he doesn’t mind my choice to include a fair number of vocal samples as I thought they would go well with a round like this and I was told to “Feel free to add and delete what I like.”

Anyway I hope you all have fun with this round. If f+d+k comes on here and requests a change to the pack, eg asks not to use Drums or Vocals or somesuch, please respect his wishes as the leader of this round. I hope (and think) he wont though :)

Thanks kazakore, I definitely like the samplepack!

Concerning vocals, so-to-speak real instruments, etc: Yes, just do whatever you think fits in! You’re the artist!

What I consider a typical element of the genre is those sparse tiny little hisses and clicks, almost inaudible, but creating the magic.

Here’s another example with vocals by Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld, teaming up as ANBB:

Now, just don’t think too much, have fun! :)

Yeah your examples made me think a lot of Mille Plateaux label, especially stuff like their Clicks & Cuts compilations.

Not sure exactly what goes under the glitch-hop name but I was thinking to enable people to go slightly towards the (more recent) Amon Tobin sounds, Isam being the closest to the sounds you posted, Verbal being one of the reasons I thought some vocals/acapellas may be nice.

But I agree, I hope that people can just have fun with it :)

Hmm, a new genre to me, i think this is gonna be tricky. :)

Haha, that’s the idea! You don’t know how hard I tried to create some minimal dubstep lately… and failed. All I can remember is “Toronto!” ;)

Just you wait, i’m coming back with some serious competition this round! :P

I’ve been glitching like a mofo all afternoon. I even forgot about dinner. Now, it was a looOOOong time ago tracking did that to me.

How glitchy does it have to be?

As glitchy as you can make it and have it ready for Thursday ;)

Hi there, I’m new on the forum and noticed this competition, is it open to anyone or do you need to have been part of the earlier rounds?

No no, just grab the sample pack and hurry, deadline is on Thursday!

Great! It’s a new genre on me too but I’ll see what I can come up with :)

Don’t forget official deadline is in 3 hours ;)

At work though, and don’t bring the laptop to the new job nor want to overly use the internet for personal usage so not likely to get things upped for you all until something like 8pm this evening…

Sorry, can’t make it, we’re switching ISPs today, so I expected to be disconnected by now… Hope it doesn’t take days and days like last time.

Edit: Oh well, I’ll just render what I got now and try to upload… Maybe the connection will last long enough.

Good luck getting ISPs changed in a day. Last time I was quoted 14days but due to a fudge up by my old one actually managed to get it sorted in much less (still a few days though.)

Last time (10? years ago), after waiting for 3 weeks I threatend to sue them, because I needed the connection for work. After that I was online within 2 hours. (All in all I’m not that kind of guy, I’m mostly pretty patient…)

Anyway, I’m still online NOW, so yes, upload complete!

Edit: Can’t believe it, I’m back again after only a couple of hours, with 12 times faster downstream, yippieh!

Link for pack. Don’t have time for a proper post or to update and add a poll and stuff right now…

Poll for voting up. Some good tracks there. Think 1 and 2 were my favourites but deserve a better listen to all of them.

I’ve been ill for a few days and didn’t have the energy to finish something, but i’ll have a listen and vote.

contendent number 3 hands down the best this round :)