Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 37

Tracking over, time to get voting!

Deadline for votes is 12noon UK time Thursday 26th July.

Hi all, a bit of a departure from the usual modus operandi this round but I hope that puts nobody off and we get some interesting results from this. I will try and keep the rules and concise and simple to follow as possible…

Deadline Thursday 12noon UK time 12th July Yes that’s right, over a month to sink your teeth into this one! Subject to adjustment and I learn my life schedule closer to the deadline.

[b]# All sounds must be recorded by yourself during the period in which the competition runs.

No recording of real/traditional instruments allowed. (See note below)

Think soundscape or avant garde composition, although a more “standard” piece of music following the basic rules above is perfectly acceptable if you prefer.

Renoise only. All features and functions allowed.[/b]

Note: Although I state no recording of real instruments an exception to this would be a field recording of say a busker or a concert, which is worked into a larger sound-scape/track, where it may present a temporary focal point. What I don’t want is people recording instruments and trying to use Renoise as a tradition DAW in this round.
Addendum: I am excluding vocals from the list of instruments as we haven’t had enough of them in previous rounds. Also drums from pots and pans, washtub basses, spoons or the strings on your tennis racket I feel fall far enough outside the real of real instruments to be allowed, making it more possible to do normal music composition if the idea of creating an evolving soundscape doesn’t appeal to you but that of collecting some original sounds does.

I hope there is at least a few of you with microphones, and even more helpfully field recorders! If not there are some simple tricks for using other devices as a microphone, most obvious being that a set of headphones is analogous to a dynamic microphone in reverse (or you could grow your own piezo crystals.)

Usual xrns plus audio submissions via PM please.

30 views and no comments. Is that definitive proof that these rules may have out many of you off? We’ll see…

sorry I’m still in the sample grabbing phase, I’ve got a special compact JVC HD camcorder that record vidz of course, but that can grab stereo sounds with a quite correct quality, so I tried to use it at home and outside, and tried to record things this afternoon, but I was bothered with some other surrounding noises, I need to keep on recording things early in the morning where people are still sleeping then I have better chances to grab something usable for a tune.

Yeah, I’ll have a hard time recording samples. Mainly because I have no way to record stuff and transfer them to the computer.

Anyone know if I can use an iPhone for this? Does Voice Memos use some obscure fileformat?

If you successfully transfert your sounds to renoise, you’ll probably have to use a “filter” device on them,
I got lots of low freqs that need to but cut, otherwise nothing will work.

I wouldn’t worry too much about low quality recording, especially with the avant-garde type compositions. As Kurtz said there will likely be a lot of low frequency interference but to be honest a HPF on all tracks isn’t a bad habit to get into. Other, thought unwanted, noise may add some ambiance to the mix later though ;)

I tested to record something with Voice Memo, mailed it to me, downloaded it to the computer, loaded it in Renoise, and… it didn’t sound bad. Didn’t notice much of said low-frequencies, but maybe that’s just me. So I guess I’m go with this compo. :D

Love the rules… will try to do this one.

Think i’ll use my poor throat singing skills for this one and i got some neat ideas, my main challenge is to make something not melodic and rythmical, because i always have melodies in my head.
Think i’m gonna beat KURTZ this time. :lol:

Don’t forget the massive amount of sampling you can do in your own home, it only has to not be real instruments. Everybody has a collection of pots and pans, then there’s slamming door, cooking food, pinging microwaves, flushing toilets, noisy pipes, food plopping out of cans and just about anything else you can get a noise from. Try and get creative :)

Is a tuning fork considered an instrument? Would be good for some nicely tuned sounds. :)

Borderline… I would be tempted to say Yes and that I would prefer you sample something else and tune it using the Pitch calculator tool or similar, even if it means cutting out a single cycle and creating your own envelopes for the sounds texture. You can go a long way towards tuning any sound with that Tool, especially now I believe my suggestion to add the option to specify the number of cycles which have been highlighted when calculating the tuning is taken into account.

I just realised the sound of a tuning fork doesn’t really sound all that great whatever you do with it. :P
Could be a nice rule for later perhaps, one instrument only, a tuning fork.

Hey boyz what’s up ?

Oh crap! I almost forgot about this!! :wacko:


I have been on vacation and i’ve lost a job and got a new momentary job in the period of this competion and i have been kinda stressed out and haven’t had the time or energy to do almost anything in Renoise lately. :(
I’m sad to say i do not have a track ready, i have recorded some sounds with my mobile phone and it doesn’t seem possible to convert them to a usable file, so that plan didn’t go too well.
The sounds sounded pretty crappy though, so they were more or less unusable anyhow. I did a couple of takes with me overtune throat singing at home though. If it comes to an extension maybe i’ll try do something with that. :)

I like the rules very well this round, but i really wished i had a better recording device, it’s not really fun when you try to capture birds and all you end up with is some dull noise. :o

Well I had one entry in and that I received within about two weeks as the contestant was going on vacation. I know some others sounded very much up for it, so that’s a shame. Been actually meaning to make an announcement for the last week or so but been very busy with life myself!

Sorry to say but the Dead Dog Disko Competitions are going to end! I do want to go out on a pleasurable bang though!! ;)

Originally I was going to announce this round extending by a month with the addition of a prize… For the final (at least for now, unless somebody else takes the reigns) round I am going to offer to purchase a Renoise licence (or update) for the person named by the winner!

Now with me having missed the advertised deadline I feel I should make some offers on how to do this final round.

  1. Extend this one some time. I do think some good could come out of it.
  2. Give the person who gave the only entry the honour of choosing rules for the final round.
  3. Have some diplomatic discussion here and see what most people feel they’d like to do to end it all… Maybe just a fully freeform round.

At any rate it should remain Renoise only and if we can get it mentioned on FB, Twitter, G+ etc maybe the offer of a licence may help bring some people in. I can always render the tracks from Demo users.

TheBellows: Shame you couldn’t get location recording to your standard. Remember folley type recordings, which can be done in your home, could have also provide plenty of material for this round.

sorry guys I’m used to wait the last hours to move my ass, but I’ve caught a f… prostatitis last monday
and was at bed with some fever no hope to bring a decent contribution in time

but now I’m a little bit better I’m trying to chain a few patterns together with my home made samples…

I got approx 95mb of samples, If I work fast with them I can release something this evening or tonight

edited : okay I’ve finished my track in a hurry but seems listenable in the end, I’m exporting it to .WAV…

edited #2 : okay I’ve uploaded it to my dropbox account I’m sending the link to kazakore

edited #3, btw, good luck to the other participant :lol:

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Cool stuff,

Hey guys, I’m the other participant. I’m a total lurker. Also, I’m cool with whatever you decide to do for the compo.

This is my first renoise compo though :walkman:

I’d almost prefer it if there was a few more entries to listen to. I happen to be particularly fond of this type of music, and I wanted to hear what other people could do with Renoise.

I look forward to hearing your submission Kurtz :yeah: