Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 14

Buggar! Although it was clearly written and I did bump the thread with reminders…

cutest submissions ever seen on ddrc :)

#5: this is actually goin on my mp3 player :D
i’m still wondering how some of the samples were processed… really cool.

Saying every entry was kind enough to include an xrns this round you should be able to get a fairly good idea ;)

did you have a look at this one?? :D

i’m not too satisfied with my production after all, but proud that i did it in less than one day.

if you want to look at some cool xrns files, join the Keith303 remix compo (or just download the files :slight_smile:

gonna check this out tonight, and place my vote.

really cool tracks (again!) - amazing to hear what people can do with just their mouth.

Nice tracks yes, funny how every track is so different from each other. I still hold my thumbs up for nr.4, it’s just plain fun. :)
Don’t really see why so many vote for nr. 5 though, those auto-tune vocals are just plain awful. :P

I love it, makes me dance instantly. :lol:

that’s beacause of his diphonic singing skills (recorded sample 04)

i don’t understand why only 2 votes for no. 3, it sounds so good and detailed.
no. 5 was well produced, no. 4 was just plain fun, no. 1 had some dope Dutch raps, no. 2 i forgot but i think it had a strange pause in the middle or something? no. 3 was awesome imo. deserves more votes. still appreciate every effort made and all people joining in.

And the winner is…




No.5 - The Bellows

Congratulations mate. Please get me new rules ASAP, new round to start midday UK time this Thursday. Sure you know the drill by now ;)

Will put up a full list at some point today, probably after work as looking to be a long, busy one the way things are going so far…

Wonder how many people got your hint… :D

too bad nobody caught on to this (obvious) hint. damnit.

Thank you. :P
It’s not really that hard to do, you should try for yourself. I simply learned it by watching youtube videos and some practise.
When i watched and the first time i was simply stunned and i just had to teach how to do that.
To master it like these guys is not very easy though and will most likely never happen to me.

It was a bit late for that anyway, everybody had already voted, but i think i fooled someone.
Not very nice of me though, to say that about someone elses vocals. :P

Thanks for the votes once again!
Deserved or not, don’t let me win the next round because i’m going for a hat-trick. :lol:

I don’t know what the hell i did to my final mix though, when i compare it with the earlier mixes it sounds like i have filtered away half the mix.
It was an attempt of removing some clipping in the bass, which i’m not even shure was clipping and on top of that i monitored it all in my PortaPros. :badteeth:
I will see if i can upload a better mix here if someone is interested?

As usual I didn’t vote as I hold mine back as a deciding vote in case of tie. Have to say it would of been a close one though, probably swayed most towards no.1, which I’m surprised got so few votes. Liked the fun vibes of no.4, reminds me a lot of a children’s cartoon theme tune (Thomas The Tank Engine almost comes to mind.) No.3 had some nice moments too. Can understand why no.5 won although personally not really my cup of tea it probably is the most technically accomplished out of the tracks. I’d feel rude if I didn’t at least mention no.2 now…

Not mine either, now i just need to forget about it and move on :lol:

talk about forgetting… congratulations TheBellows!

Congrats TheBelllows I’ve voted 4 because of his hilarious aproach, but you deserve the win for sure.
Lucky you won because now you can set up some new awesome rules for the next round.
Hope to take part on it this time!

Congrats TheBellows!
Now no kidding, I think this could fill electro (or whatever) dancefloors. Please make an extended dance version! :w00t:

PS. No, I didn’t get the hint… :lol:

Congrats to TheBellows! (Don’t you dare turn your volume down)