Keith303 Remix Contest

!! Introduction !!

For those who don’t know Keith303, he is a master of tracker production with a deep signature sound that spans many genres. And generous enough to release many of the songs in original Renoise format - if you have installed Renoise, chances are that you already got the Renoise demo song “Masquerade” located somewhere on your harddrive.

I’m a long-time admirer of his work, and have previously made spontaneous remixes of Keith’s work - and it was great fun on all occasions! Most of the time I was just doodling around, looping something, and all of a sudden I was in the process of making a remix… So I thought, why not celebrate this with a real remix competition? A Keith303 remix competition!! I’ve asked the man himself, and got his blessing for the idea, and that’s really what matters the most.

We also talked a bit about the rules, and this is what we agreed on:

!! Rules !!

  • Pick any of the songs you want to remix (xrns and soundcloud links provided)
  • You can render, record, freeze and mutilate sound as you wish, as long as the sounds are of your own original creation (recorded vocals, guitar, external gear, hand-drawn samples, etc), samples from any of the original songs, or realtime DSP with the bundled instrument and effect plugins (list below). In other words: just don’t use sample libraries.
  • The competition officially starts on 1st of June, and ends on 1st of July
  • To join, simply publish your remix as a .xrns download in this thread during the competition period. You’re allowed to replace the link at any time, so you can post a work in progress too
  • Any tempo and style is welcome. Keep it fresh :slight_smile:

Keith will join us to select the winner and two runner-ups. And you gain immortality even for entering, so what’s to loose?

Soundcloud page:…3-remix-contest <-you can add yours if you want, but it’s not required

!! Song selection !!

Stuck in the beehive (download .xrns)
Style: Experimental / Drum & Bass

Steambath (download .xrns)
Style: Techno / Electronic
Used plugins: Crystal, Triangle II, Stardust

Jitter (download .xrns)
Style: Funky / Techno

3 days until yesterday (download .xrns)
Style: IDM / Electronic

Evaluate your life (download .xrns)
Style: Drum & Bass

The Masquerade (no need to download this one, it’s in your Renoise demo song folder)
Style: Techno Trance

!! Plugin bundle !!

These are the plugins used in the track ‘Steambath’ allowed in this competition They are all great freeware plugins - and while Crystal is available as both Audio Unit and VST plugin, unfortunately Triangle and Stardust only comes as PC VST - so let’s include worthy alternatives too…Got any ideas, post them and I’ll update the list. Only requirement is, that the plugins should be freeware and available for as many platforms as possible.

Green Oak Crystal (synth, PC+Mac)
RGC Triangle II (synth, PC)
Stardust (multiband compressor, PC)
New: TYRELL Nexus 6 (synth, PC+Mac)

Forget it !

Some wise guy told me once: “Never do a Remix of a Track if the chance is given, that you gonna make it worse than the original”

In this case, the chance is pretty high.

This wiseguy says: “there’s also such a thing as too much respect”

i don’t care what wiseguys may say, i am definitely in. bonus for me is i get to know keith303 a bit better, as i’m not really familiar with his music.

count me in! eiter stuck in the beehive or evaluate your life is going the be my choice of weapon :)

danoise >>> if i would want to use some of my own presets from a vst like sylenth1 to play the same melodie of the track is that accepted ?

@endonyx: I know it sucks, because sylenth is a great plugin and such, but the rules are pretty clear

Now, if sylenth was freeware, things would be different…

I’ve updated the plugin list to include the virtual analogue synth TYRELL N6 (by Urs Heckman of Zebra fame)

ok so…you are not allowed to use your own .xrni, ie ones you have made yourself?

and not allowed to render anything from vsti not included in list correct?

you’re just allowed to use the samples already present in the keith303 song you choose, any samples recorded by yourself (so if those are in an xrni, you could use that i suppose) and stuff from the vsti included in the list.

you can plug in and record the guitar or an external synth? aint that kinda giving the edge in possibilities to people with external gear? a external synth in an equivalent of adding a new vst or somethin

@Tarek-FM, rhowaldt : Yes, you CAN use your own samples/xrni. Hopefully, I clarified things a bit by allowing “original creations” instead of “original recordings”. This way, the rules will also include stuff like hand-drawn samples.

Edit: also, it’s not a problem to use whatever commercial plugins you like…as long you use the plugin grabber to convert them to samples before submitting the song, as I believe such samples should be considered an ‘original creation’. But for realtime plugin fun, you’re only allowed to use the plugins listed above.

bornaa, couldn’t you just record your VSTi and use that recording then?

Every time I load a sample into Renoise it creates my own little xrni out of it ;) :P

And wouldn’t it be nice to allow the new xrni bundles that has just been released with 2.7?

yeah i can

for some reason i got the whole concept wrong…i thought u have to use only the samples and synths from the original tunes + thought only people with external gear can record. oops

Well, seen from the contest’s point of view, that’s a good thing? I wouldn’t worry too much, after all you might get some really great samples too!!

It’s really of no importance if the sample is considered a sample or an xrni - it still needs to adhere to the rules - which means, no beatslaughter or puremagnetic sample packs. ILLEGAL!!! ILLEGAL!!! Now, of course, I can’t police each and every song, as I don’t know every sample in existence by memory.

It’s good to find these weak spots in compo rules, I guess, because everyone wants a level playing field. Also, this IS my first compo so I might have missed something. But let’s try to keep the rules as simple as possible, aight?

its just a tad confusing on what you can or cant use. so we can make an “original” sample out of a vst preset? doesnt sound original really

i’m quite disappointed in you.

@bornaa: while i agree that using a vst preset is not very original, but that is just the sample. if you wish to use it as just that sample, no problem. but it might not sound very original either. however, we have a whole arsenal of tools at our disposal in Renoise. if you use a vst preset, you can mangle it into something wicked. in theory, you could use a sample of your girlfriend farting and make a whole orchestra out of it.

The next DD rule perhaps? :lol:

i aint saying i want to use it, on the contrary i love original synthesis. just askin why forbid one set of unoriginal samples when a whole galaxy of other unoriginal samples can be obtained in the way i specified before. i woulda liked it if you made a compo where you can only use the samples and synths that are already in the song, or give total freedom to use any samples you want (not vst’s since thats unpractical) but match the theme of the remix with the original tune so there’s a connection there.

ok yeah, now i get what you were trying to say. i agree. personally, i will only be using the sounds from the keith303 song itself. looking through the files i’ve already seen there are plenty of sounds in there, and i won’t be needing anything extra.