Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 15

i’m sick and tired of you winning, and even sicker and tireder (ha!) of me not winning. i think there should be a round where everyone goes off on a holiday for a week and i am the only one competing and i’ll win.

I kept it very simple this round and i thought it was a bit too simple, but maybe that is why it won?
There are many scary elements in the tracks, but maybe there are a bit too much things going on in some of them. I was in doubt whether i should pick #1 or #5, but went for #1 because i felt like i was playing Diablo. :panic:
We can go by your rules this time rhowaldt if there’s no objections :)

Yay! Rhowaldt is paying for us all to go on holiday :D :P

Urgh. Seems I really have to learn that technique NOW. Thank you guys. :panic: :lol:
Edit: Okay, got the basics from here: Renoise Native Monophonic Synthesiser
Now have to fool around with that… :)

Hey, thanks Rhowaldt!! Let’s see…
South Korea? 4 months? Incl. GF + two dogs? Great!!!
Oh no, wait, we don’t want to go there in summer… ;)

think i’ll be sending you all off to Thailand with a kilogram of pills stashed in your bags.


Who’s gonna arrange the competition when kazakore sits in Thai prison for 20 years? :D

I do warn you TheBellows is already well versed in this technique!

Ah, why did you tell them that? That is something totally different, it’s made with no sample at all. :P
I have actually been planning to do a similar tune with drums, but no samples. Not shure if i can pull it off though, but in theory it should be possible. :rolleyes:
Maybe i’ll pass this round, it’s no fun to win every round that’s not why i’m here, i’m just here to learn new stuff and have some fun.
I could try to give some tips on the way during DD16 perhaps. :)

i’m hating you more and more with each sentence. don’t you realize that i have a far bigger post count than you, and are therefore way cooler? can’t you just let me win? can we arrange for you to do my entry for the next round? behhhhhhhh

let’s forget about all of this. ON TO THE NEXT ROUND! :ph34r:

Of course i do rhowaldt, you’re way cooler than me. ;)
Here’s what i’ll do, i’ll post the most annoying track ever made for the next round and make shure it can’t win…unless i have some crazy stalkers hacking my computer screwing it up or something.

(I love the petty (but playful) rivalry this generates :)

I have the right to remain silent. Anything i say or do can and will be held against me on my way to Thailand with my bags full of blue pills.

i had my ass kicked by üav first, and just when i figured i could maybe beat him some time, TheBellows shows up and takes away the prize. one thing is for sure though: i will be super-happy when i finally win a round.

i agree with you on the love for the rivalry, and the playfulness of it all. seems that this competition has grown a couple of regulars since it started just a couple of months ago, and it feels like friends playing around and having good fun experimenting and making tracks. the DDRCollab enhances this feeling even more for me. it goes to show what a great initiative this thing turned out to be kazakore.

I’m sulking, Thebellows stole me my leadership position. I need some holidays in thailand

i was wondering and looked back through the competition rounds we’ve had so far. lots of regulars actually, more than i thought. üav, f+d+k, mammoth, dubkidflash, beat fuhrer, thebellows (joined later on but can’t leave him out after a hattrick) and some more i forgot.
what i find curious is that our friend dupoxy joined only in Round 1 it seems, made the awesome DDRC logo (which is kinda out of use but it’s no big deal honestly) and then was never heard from again (well, at least not around these parts). i’ll just post the logo here again for nostalgia’s sake and hoping he will join us again, some day.

(oh yeah, check out the old site for those of you who missed that. not update since, round 3 or something, but still looking pretty good. kazakore, you’re busy and i know it, this is not intended as a kick underneath your ass screaming for an update. i think the site has become quite obsolete and was fun to make and that’s it. let’s just keep it there for old time’s sake -

Site will be updated one day. I promise… It is on my almost infinitely long ToDo list ;)

Well I’ve just uploaded it to the DeadDog SoundCloud account at least ;)
(Well I’ve been trying to but isn’t showing my end…)

thanks! appreciated!

i can understand having multiple places to update is tedious.

isn’t showing here either. appreciate the effort though.

Had to do it on my work’s PC in the end, assume it’s something to do with the Live Distro currently running on the laptop which didn’t want to play ball. You should see it now at least.

… and it looks AWESOME!