Delete Unused Tracks Bug with Muted Send Tracks

Open attached file. Delete Unused Tracks will delete the Send Track. It shouldn’t.
Go to the next pattern where the Send Track is turned on, and it works, e.g. nothing will be deleted.

Del Unused Tracks bug.xrns (12.9 KB)

Can anyone confirm this is bug?

Replicated following your instructions, confirmed; thanks for spotting this behavior.
Seems that a good way to get this sort of thing looked at and possibly fixed is to @taktik

It seems that it only obeys the empty clues. That is, this only analyzes if there is data inside the track, any parameters. But of course you shouldn’t delete the send track in this case, because it’s linked to another track, and you can change things in the send track’s effects chain.

To change this there is no choice but to also analyze the effects chain to find out if there are any send tracks linked.

It already does so, but skips muted send devices, which obviously this isn’t clever enough, as they may get activated with bypass automation again. Will be fixed…


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