► Renoise 3.4.0 & Redux 1.3.0 released


Registered Renoise and Redux users can download the update, as usual, from:
Renoise Backstage.

Demo versions are available at the Renoise main site’s download page:
Renoise Demo Downloads.

Renoise 3.4 and Redux 1.3:

ARM support for MacOS (on Apple Silicon) and Linux (Raspberry Pi), MacOS Metal rendering, Windows WASAPI driver support, Ableton Link support (all platforms).

What’s New:

  • OSX: ARM64 builds (shipped as Intel 64bit/ARM64 Universal binary) with the ability to load intel plugins via plugin bridge and Rosetta in Apple M1 based systems

  • OSX: New macOS Metal based GUI rendering to improve UI speed, especially on Retina Displays and with some color profiles

  • Linux: 32 & 64bit ARM builds (ARMhf & ARM64), optimized for Raspberry PI 3/4

  • Windows: WASAPI Audio device support (with “exclusive mode” support like ASIO - and “shared mode” support like DirectSound)

  • Ableton Link support

Tweaks & Important Fixes:

  • Windows: Improved MIDI output timing, especially when using DirectSound
  • Windows: Added an option to ignore ASIO reset requests (necessary workaround for some buggy drivers)
  • Windows: Boost MIDI input thread’s priority to improve MIDI input playback/recording timing
  • Linux: Added support for shared memory X11 images to improve GUI speed on some systems
  • Linux: Allow using the “default” ALSA system device (e.g. to use pulse audio)
  • Linux: Don’t limit possible ALSA audio buffers sizes to pow2 values
  • OSX: Added “Audio Workgroup” support on OSX to minimize dropouts with very small audio buffer sizes
  • OSX: Explicitly ask for user permission to use the microphone when using CoreAudio input devices
    OSX: In Device not picking up audio from microphone
  • Fixed various timing issues with MIDI generator plugins
    Unstable timing (jitter) of VSTi MIDI routed events
  • Compensate UI scaling when mouse-dragging controls with the GUI → “Mouse warping” option enabled
  • Added new option to compensate MIDI input playback (not recording) jitter (at the cost of introducing a bit of latency) → See Preferences → MIDI → “Fix received MIDI event jitter”
  • When recording MIDI events, always compensate/fix the time it took to receive MIDI events to improve timing, also when the “Adjust recording latency (record what you hear)” option is disabled
    Midi recording precision dependent on latency
  • Allow specifying multiple “secondary” VST paths on Windows and OSX
  • Try to avoid crashes when VST3 Plugin GUIs crash while opening/closing down their GUIs
  • New Renoise Color Themes from spktkpkt and NPC1
  • New DemoSong from keith303: Burst your Bubble

Other fixes:

Redux only:

Renoise & Redux:



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Very nice!

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Very nice! I have seen alot of people on the forum ask for Linux ARM support. Can anyone explain to me why it’s so requested and what it can be used for?


Nice update!

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Thank you !


The Devs are alive and well! That’s good to know, will download it later this afternoon, made my day a little bit better with that. :slight_smile:


Nice one, looking forward to tinkering with it the following month :slight_smile: . I just hope it doesn’t break compatibility with projects made w 3.3.2

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Someone should provide a pi400+hmi+renoise package. It would make polyend et c look gimmicky, no?


You can always load projects into the latest version, but songs saved in 3.4 are not backwards compatible with previous versions. This is due to a change made for Ableton Link Support: the minimum BPM value is now 20.


Perfect, I appreciate the response! :smiley:

Cool beans! Thanks!

ARM is super efficient so it’s a natural fit for trackers which historically do a lot with a little


Aight, just installed it, working fine so far, I loved the new themes, Hybrid is now my standard. :red_car::palm_tree:

Renoise 3.4 + Surge XT VST(instrument and effects module) combo works really nicely with RPi 4 running 64-bit Raspbian. It’s a good budget set for some powerful tracking!


:boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: Yess!

made my evening ! thanks

this solves the sluggish-graphics issues on my Mac! I no longer need to change my display settings to sRGB every time I want to use Renoise – awesome!


Nice thanks

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