Describe Your Writing Style

I use too many commas, and describe things with “quotes” inappropriately.

I will also end posts with harsh, sardonic, and ambiguous statements, but at least I know how to use line breaks unlike some other assholes.

There are many writing style, there are many like it,
but this one is mine.

However, if you want to adhere to the superior writing style of all writing styles, then you best adapt to mine - Writing Fu. B)

Um, conversational?
And I use line breaks to indicate pauses.

You’ve stolen mine!

It’s simply spending too much time reading you, no?

my ‘signature’ writing style is the fact that i avoid using capital letters unless for some names and stuff, but not at the beginning of sentences, as you may have noticed. also, seeing how i enjoy the writing of Aldous Huxley, i believe i am always half-consciously striving for that one-page-long-sentence. haven’t been able to write it yet though, which is probably why my name isn’t Aldous Huxley.

Russian composers. Russian programmers. Russian scientists. Russian literature. Russian language require much more commas. Russian language allows to have any word in any sentence’s position. I used to be a little bit too patriotic.

I write unnecessary long sentences, sometimes repeating words, using too much unnecessary commas between parts - and dashes - or three dots (yes, I’m a romantic); and also [square] brackets for supposedly optional parts.
Line breaks are a must; they separate my stream of thoughts where semi-colon doesn’t feel enough. English is not my first language, so proper English mid-sentence punctuation is unknown to me; I take Latvian grammar and adapt to my virtual crazyness. And I like smilies. I even collect them ^_^

Edit: I like to edit.
Edit2: And I like being ironic, quoting “things”, even out of place and out of context.

P.S. And why did I think this would be about music writing? My bad. :lol:

I seem to have a tendency to drift off into poetic form,
It’s only because I sometimes get bored of the norm.

Chaotic, like my thinking. Im thinking in chaotic way.

I often give examples or explanations in parentheses (though sometimes a simple comma would work much better (and yes, this is a style sampler in itself (a self-referential manifest, if you like (taken to some extreme, admittedly)))).

I can often labor over a single sentence.
Too critical of each word I use to let it flow.
I’m picky,
and I’m even having trouble letting these words represent my thoughts.
So as an experiment I’ll stop reading over what I just wrote and will simply press ‘Add Reply’, and go smoke some pot.

I use the word ‘also’ too much. Also I often write way too long sentences and connect several ones together making it usually cluttered and hard to read. I probably sometimes mis-use hyphens, commas and such, I don’t speak english natively and these things aren’t really taught properly.

write sentence, edit sentence, write next sentence, edit sentence. do this until paragraph is complete. edit paragraph. repeat. edit again.

[s]I think it might seem like I use phrases like ‘I think’ or ‘it seems to be such and such’ way too often.

And I cancel a lot of replies completely, after having edited them for hours.[/s]


my posting is quite informal in style. i overuse ellipsis and parentheses. the only thing which i try to achieve is to be clear and get my point across (or be silly) without any ambivalence. that’s what communication is all about. i try to keep it short as well.

i’ve done away with capitalization since the biran is eeetxrlmy rbosut in pciosesnrg inirofamton and hvae no plerobm wtih fltnirieg out nisoe in the cmuoioicnamtn. (=

It depends on which inner witness is awake.

Did you hear that ?, I thought I heard something…

^^^Quote of the year!

I use … and italics and generally stick to the “English teacher”-type rules that have been ingrained into me…but I’m shit at t’other languages 'cos I don’t practice them…although I’m getting really good at speaking Spanish to French people…especially at airports :wacko: