Detached Pattern Matrix Window

My 3rd monitor is asking me to drop in the pattern grid full screen… since ux is greatly improved. feeling left out and all… just needed to share =)

Very impressed with everything.


+1! Would love thave the pattern grid and the arrangement view on separate windows/screens

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+1 from me too

If you have two monitors of the same size and resolution, placed next to each other, it is not necessary to disassemble the matrix. You can use each frame on a monitor (matrix: monitor 1, pattern editor: monitor 2).

If the monitors are of different resolution, or the monitors are on top of each other, it would be feasible to separate the matrix into a new window.

It would be fun to watch an exclusive thread from Renoise users’ monitors, to see what distribution each user uses.

I have a 34 “2K monitor and on top of it a 24” HD monitor.

I’m actually running 3 monitors, unfortunately they are all (natively) different resolutions.

My ideal situation would be: matrix : mon 1 / pattern editor : mon 2 / mixer : mon 3.

Being able to drop the matrix on another monitor would free up a ton of real-estate for the pattern editor.