Details Of Samples

Senario, Tonight with my band:

We had a sample of a drumkit but didn’t know the path where it came from to find more samples of this kit.

Maybe it’s nice to add a “properties” or something in the right click menu when clicking samples.
Maybe also stating details about bit dept, stereo/mono and sample rate of the sample.

Ctrl-F: Rightclick -> Reveal in Explorer (bottom menu option)?

I think he means the loaded ones, not in the browser.

Jep, my bad. Thanks.

Completely agree, had come here to post this suggestion myself and found from danoises linked post, that the info is already stored in the XML. So a GUI field, maybe with a “reveal path in explorer” button would be great and backwards compatible I guess…

… We already have something a bit like that for samples - if you open an instrument’s XML data, you will see the full path to where the sample was loaded from.
This internal/hidden filename could then be output to the “save as” textfield when you select an instrument, as you suggest.