Development of "VPDpro. Orchestral". Some Demostrations

I have already built 2 tools related to the following: " VPDpro. Orchestral".All of them were used to introduce tracks arranged with names and colors fixed, grouped within parent groups, but for multiple reasons I have never been happy.

Orchestral tool is basically the culmination of all my research with the LUA API to be able to create templates easily and quickly, with the symphony orchestra as the main theme.Most people use Renoise for experimental or electronic music. But I find it very effective for orchestral music.

The following screenshot is an early view of the final aspect of the tool:

7807 vpdpro-orchestral-01.png

7808 vpdpro-orchestral-02.png

  • The first panel allows you to configure some properties of the tracks.
  • The second panel will be a selector of up to 16 colors. So groups can have a general color or another.
  • And finally, the third panel is used to add the groups or tracks individually, with all the names in view and sorted be included directly.
  • Each group will have an identifying image, that will hide the tracks that make it up. This helps alleviate the sight of too much information.
  • It also allows to include 3 tracks with the same name and color and to regulate the color intensity of the group and the tracks separately.

Out of curiosity, the initial versions are here:

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I love seeing the evolution of the tools…

VPDpro. Orchestral

7817 vpdpro-orchestral-01.gif

Here is a small visual demonstration of a GUI that I consider high level for a window type tool.

Orchestral hides several panels in an elegant and orderly way. Thanks to this distribution, it is easy to locate the track or group to insert and manipulate the colors, the intensity of color, as well as the number of tracks, among other properties.I consider this tool one of my best constructions of GUI with LUA until now…

Now I am happy with the results. I’ve been almost two yearslearning little by little with the objective of building a tool like this. It has been worth the investment of time.I remember a few long months ago, when I had no idea about LUA :ph34r: :lol:

Basically, that’s how it works:

7818 vpdpro-orchestral-02.gif

Orchestral also allows you to include individual tracks, and rename note columns, as well increase the number of note columns and effect columns. Of course, it has its compact mode, to occupy little space…

7819 vpdpro-orchestral-03.gif

Looks great! I love graphical interfaces like this. :slight_smile:

Looks great! I love graphical interfaces like this. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lee! :lol: