Di.fm as a source of information and inspiration, alternatives?

Just recently subscribed to Di.fm internet radio (“electronic music”). Quite enjoy the Techno, Acid, and Jungle channels. Sadly they don’t have quite some genres covered. I’d like to have the chance to listen to more weird stuff like Alva Noto or Tristan Perich for the variety of impressions. Did not made too much research about the internet stations, just know one of my friends who is the casual listener of it, that was the reason for me to try it. I could not find myself browsing the Lables/Artists on a sites like Beatport for the new music. Really like this quite new experience of just listening to a radio stations as a source of finding new interesting music. What is your approach to staying informed about new music? Maybe some more alternative radios, I actually don’t know if it is the major one or just one of hundreds around?


To learn about new music in general I listen to “New Sounds”: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds

I also sub to new posts on this forum thread:https://forum.renoise.com/t/what-you-listening-atm/26513

I find it hard to learn about new electronic music I would like; I try to follow assorted sites but most of what gets posted seems like minor variations on stuff I’ve already heard and doesn’t spark me.