Diagram of additional features that would be welcome in the future

Hi, here i have made a diagram of many features i suggest to add to renoise 3.

In this concept diagram i included suggestions for instrument editor, including extended modulations parameters, realtime crossfade, crossfade modulation.

Usability: Seamless looping, motion looping (granular synthesis, realtime “oldschool type” sample strech, pitch shift), flexible modulations.
And many many more that depend on your needs and creativity.

Click on image to resize it if its too small…

lfo shoud have ability to contrl other devices as in dsp effect interface, also should acces some other features as sample loop parameters and maby eaven more, also it shoud have more wave forms or ability to make your custom wave form (eaven if it can be modualted with envelope modulator) i supose it would save some memory and time for seting up multiple modulators, also it shoud have soft smooth random wave, as in nord lead (as a random wave form with low frequency squares but with rounded cornerd or just random amplitude an frequency sine wave)… also adding smoothness to delay would be velcome as it is in roland superjv1080 synth, for instance the pich starts at zero modlulation but gradualy pich is apearing… also all lmodulations soud have destinations to other modulators parameters, it could be used for egsample if you want a vibrato with random vibrato frequency and so on…

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there is a big question mark in all these kind of speculation about sample data modulation:

how to deal with multisampled instrument?

when there is more than one sample in an instrument, there should be some way to bound a parameter to the sample property of a single sample among the samples of the instrument.

I’m not saying that this is not possible; on the contrary, it is obvious: just assign the specific parameter of the specific sample to a macro. I’m just saying that this can be quite confusing, GUI-wise

this is just for every single sample… the same as you can’t use keytracking or velcoitytracking modulation in poliphonycal way for a single sample…

and this funcion is mostly wanted for individual sample not aplied on all samples at once, granular synthesis is so powerful it doesnt nessesery need use multisamples to get effective sound, there is nothing new about this, the same is in ableton or hardware sampler/synth, you just have to spend some time if you want multisample granulation, and you can get more better and powerful results if you can manipulate every single sample with different parameters… its just the matter of lazyness, i used to spend hours or even days to make a good preset…


Some great ideas here.


probobly won’t happen soon or some of the features is too complicated to understant …