Different Quantize For Every Track


I work with speed 4 and tempo 180 for a 90bpm song and I can do a lot of things (4/4, triplets, ecc.) with that.

But it would be nice to be able to choose a quantize rhytm for every track… maybe on track 1 you would have only 1/2 notes: so you hit a key and a note is being written on every beat, or half a beat. Then you could have 16th tripplets on another track and so on…

If you seen the drum editor in Cubase you already know what I mean… because I feel that maybe I didn’t explain myself very clearly… :rolleyes:

Anyway, I think that this maybe isn’t such a difficult thing to implement so I would like to see what you think about it.


Just to add another practical example (I’m repeating myself, I know…):

You set the quantize on the hihat track to 1/8th notes and then you just hit Q all the way through the pattern, without using any other key.
What’s Really Good!

Currently you can press Ctrl + (0 to 9) to set the edit-step.

Shown on the right of this picture here, you can also set it with the arrows.

You can set it to 2/4/8 or whatever you like to enter your hihats with the keyboard as you wanted. This may help until quantize is implemented.

Thanks. This can be very useful if it can be applied to each track independently. (I don’t have Renoise on this computer.)

It is a global setting so you just change it to what you want when in/editing each track.

I think there should be a shortcut for changing the value up and down, but it might have to be assigned.

But that step editing doesn’t save much time if you ask me. A quantisize would be nice.

“IncreaseStepAdd” and “DecreaseStepAdd” are already there.

Give a look to keyboard.xml fo find the shortcut to which they are assigned, since I changed them to | and a long ago and can’t remmber the default value :)