Digits VST 1.3 release (check it out!)

Hi, I’m a long time Renoise user and I just released version 1.3 of my VST, Digits. In fact, the demo song on the page is done entirely in Renoise with Digits.

Right now 1.3 is on Mac, but a Windows version will follow (and 1.2 is already available on both Linux and Windows).

It can be grabbed at http://extentofthejam.com. Feedback, bug reports, suggestions-- all welcome! Hopefully this is a somewhat appropriate forum to post this on :)

EDIT: I just put version 1.3C up for Mac. This should fix issues with running on older Mac OS releases.


using this on a 64bit linux box with renoise.
my god this thing is sick. sounds fantastic and is very flexible as well.

fuck this is sick.

ps: any chance of a linux VST of 1.3?

Hey Louis,

Really liking the look of this but I can’t get Renoise to see the VST. I’m running in 64bit on a 2009 macbook pro, I tried in Reaper as well but no luck. Did a quick restart but it didn’t do anything to help. Any ideas?

Hey looks bad ass. I can’t get it to install though. I tried running the installer and it say’s $VST_PATH not set. Thing is, I’m running KXStudio and I know I have a VST file somewhere in there. I have no idea how to find it or get it loaded in there! :o

I meant to say folder of file path or whatever. :P

Just chiming in to say I can’t get Renoise to recognize it post-install either. Bummer because I’m excited to try it out! Thanks for sharing your work.

Edit: The file does exist in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/. Not sure what else to check. Renoise 32 bit.

Hello, just letting folks know that on my system this installed with no trouble whatsoever (1.3 version). Mac mini mid 2010, osx 10.8, renoise 2.8.1 32bit.

P.s. Sounds really nice, this one! Kinda lo-fi but not. Ho-fi?

Hmm, what version of OS X are you running? It may need 10.5 or higher. I can probably get it to work on 10.4 though, if that’s what’s going on. You can also check out ~/Library/Logs/Renoise to see if that has any detail. Failing that, I know sometimes Renoise spits out more information if you run it from a console, like typing /Applications/Renoise_Reg_Intel32.app/Contents/MacOS/Renoise into a terminal. That might give an indication of why it’s being rejected.

This must be the Linux version! If that $VST_PATH isn’t set, it goes into /usr/share/digits. You’ll want to point Renoise to that directory (I don’t think Renoise uses $VST_PATH, IIRC, but some other Linux programs need it). If it’s still not finding it, it’s possible the runtime libraries aren’t the right version. But let me know if that works first, and then I can check out if you might need some other libraries to run it.

Ok so I had a look at the Renoise log and when it’s loading plugins I have this:

Wondering if these CreateInstance fails have something to do with it? These might be other plugins that aren’t working though since I have a few!

OK, I’ve uploaded a new build at http://extentofthejam.com/DigitsVST-Mac-1.3B.zip . It should run on OS 10.5 now, though the graphics have very subtle outlines around them for some reason (on 10.5 but not on 10.8-- weird!). Anyway, let me know if it works OK for you and then I’ll push it public (I’ll be testing it too).

Hey man, I’m on 10.6 gave this beta a try. Renoise manages to find the vst but then crashes and gives me this:

Thanks for the report! I guess the B version isn’t ready for prime time. I’ll play with it a bit more and see what I can come up with.

Hey man, thanks for the reply. But hey I do have a VST_Path set. I know because I have a bunch of VST’s and I in order to use them I had to click: “Enable Vst Plugins (configure via ‘VST_PATH’).” Once I clicked it I got my TalNoisemaker plugin to show up. And I have a ton of other VST’s as well.

It’s really cool that you made it available on Linux though. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to work eventually. In the meantime, you should post about it on linuxmusicians.com ! Even though it’s not exclusively linux, there’s not nearly as many plugins available for Linux as there are for Windows and MAC, so it’s always nice to here about one more!!

Oh, in that case you should be able to just copy DigitsVST-i686.so (or x64) into the directory right next to where your other VSTs are. The Linux version of Digits doesn’t need to be in any specific directory, so it should just work if Renoise can find it.

The B version works great for me, it seems. I’m on Mac OS 10.7, 32 bit. Love the sound! My favorite presets now are:

404 bass
electric organ

Very nice plugin with great sound! Hope the 1.3 linux 64 bit version will be out soon.

thanks for 1.3 WIN update!

Hm sorry, can’t find it, neither in renoise nor in reaper nor in vsthost…

I’m on WinXP Home SP3 32bit.

GUI? Yes! Now I can actually program this thing!

Anyone else with my config, but without the problem? I really would like to give it a try. :confused: