Hey It-Alien, you posted a week or so ago that you could do Diplophony? i wanna hear a sample please :)

yes sorry; I record it as soon as possible. At the moment I’m quite busy because I’m going to live in a new home, but as soon as I will be a moment alone, I will proceed

wow It!
Did not knew that you could do diplophony…
I was starting to think that I was the only one… :P
(probably because you said you can’t sing or something like that…)
I had to expect that from you, anyway… :lol:

ok here it is the funny stuff.

I’ve recorded two classics of diplophony repertoire: the emulation of the trackers’ arpeggio command, and a sort of “siren” effect.

[tipical sequence of singer’s apologies]
I’ve made this in an hurry while in the car coming back home from office, and I’m suffering of a cough attack since a month.
[/tipical sequence of singer’s apologies]

(once again, I’m not a singer :rolleyes:)

Disclaimer: only human voice was used during the recording of this file. I’m not responsible for any damange this may cause to your ears.

Dude I do not want to know how and on what drugs you were when you made this… hahaha this is insane! :lol:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: MASSIVE

reminds me kinda Tarzan screaming :D
(As i know, they use few pro-opera singers to record those famous Tarzan calling-scream)

p.s. i’m thinkin’ about use your crazy screams as samples in my tracks :P Sure - copyrights will be maintained ;)

Hm! That’s not exactly the diplophony I had in mind… this sounds more like “alternating” two notes rather than producing two at the same time… but hell… it definitely feature a Demetriostrat-like taste :D

I was expecting a more classical “harmonic flute”… or the very hard (for me) “Claves” (vibraphone) sound :ph34r:
I have to “warm up” for 30 mins at least before trying that… <_<

It: you are crazy :lol:

Parsec: I think I got what you mean; probably oyu’re referring to the effect which Tran Quang Hai, Demetrio Strato’s master from Vietnam, is able to achieve.

Would be interesting to listen something from you too.

@ All: :P

Sure :)

usual singer’s disclaimers
Of course I’m not even close to such masters… and… my troath is not in excellent condition…y’o… and I recorded this in just some 20 minutes… etc etc :lol:

I have spent some 20 mins vocalizing and then cropped the “best” results for you to listen:

[b]Download Parsec’s Diplophonies here[/b]

Here is a small guide:

( 00:00 ) Diplo 1: Flute (reasonable)
( 00:07 ) Diplo 2: Claves (scale up and down, not so good)
( 00:19 ) Diplo 3: Flute (with tremolo in the end)
( 00:28 ) Diplo 4: Flute and then Claves (almost reasonable but weak)
( 00:43 ) Diplo 5: Short Claves (scale downward)
( 00:46 ) Diplo 6: Claves (good but sounds like a synth rather than claves)
( 00:53 ) Diplo 7: Flute (Good one, you can hear the first stage where no harmonic sound is generated… turning to a second stage where more air is going around the tongue and making new freqz)

If you have the chance of looking at some spectrum while listening to this, it might help in getting a grip on what’s going on.
Enjoy! :)

Hey It-alien, in sweden there is a competition for best mobil ring sound. I definatly think you have a shot at winning with that diplophony stuff.
Its very original and fun stuff :)


If you want to I could post it.

Hmm, reading the rules…It has to be done by the participating in the contest. Anyway, if there is a competition in Italy, you should post your stuff.

Though I cannot translate the word “Diplophony”,
I can understood well that the Italian is cheerful. ^_^

Persec seems to do like “khoomii” in Mongolia. :walkman:

:blink: Uh? … “cheerful”? What’s the link between this word and the italian language? :huh:
As far as I know it comes from the ancient greek words “Di-diplo” that means “double” and “phonos” that means “sound”… read one definition here

Oh, no no, I want to express “Italian people”. :(
My English is still immature.

It is the same as “khoomii” as long as I read the explanation.

The site of Japanese khoomii singer

:lol: well it doesn’t really change the point.
What’s the link between “italian people”… “diplophonies”… and the word “cheerfull” ?? :blink:
Only connection it comes to my mind is that the singer Demetrios Stratos spent good part of his life in Italy (greek origins) where he died years ago… and he was famous for his skills in controlling his voice (diplophonies and other stuff)… but still I can’t get the point… we’re speaking about diplophonies… :huh: so what’s with this geo-behavioural stuff now?
It’s because both me and It-Alien are able to do some diplophonies and we both are from Italy? Ok but then why “cheerfull”? :mellow:

When I heard IT-Alien’s singing and your one, It was very amusing.
What on earth these people are doing? :D (At that time, I had not understood the meaning of Diplophony yet )

And, I have thought that the people in Italy are cheerful(maybe “amusing”?), though this might be only my preconception.
Latin people looks something enjoying, because the gesture is large compared with Japanese.

In this case, isn’t the word “Cheerful” appropriate?
Though I had used the word with light feeling.
Sorry if it was possible to take it in something a bad meaning. :o

Ok I see :) but still, you haven’t got the chance to see me or It-alien “gesturing” anything :D that’s why I see no link between the two things.

Nonono… no problem at all :lol: I simply say that this has nothing to do with topic and with diplophonies, that’s it :) I have recorded those with a total lack of any movement (that would distract me) and while concentrating quite deeply… Would you say “mongolians are cheerfull” because they record diplophonies too? You see? No link :D
Anyway, if you want to know, It’s not the word itself that makes for a weird post… is the ethnic division that always feels… weird. “Italians are like that” as if all italians were the same person :) see what I mean? :)

Ohh, I’m sorry, Parsec.
I have used an impolite word.

I have thought that you are doing something amusing things because I read comments of other people before.

Certainly it is not feeling cheerful when I read your comment and listen your song again.
But I want to make an excuse for it only a little, IT-Alien’s file is cheerful even if I hear now! :rolleyes:

And I will not have a selfish preconception about national character in the future.
It is important “a person and a person”. :)

well, try words like: funny, amusing, hilarious instead of cheerful…

:lol: LOL :lol: :rolleyes:

That’s it :D :yeah:

Exactly. I’m right now focusing that part of the confusion came from the attempt at describing the “cause” rather than just describing the effect.
Oh well, anyway…

Let me ask: do you all actually MANAGE to hear the diplophony… or you just hear me going “Hoooooooooom”? Do you actually get the harmonics? :unsure:

(Itty, you lazy ass, you asked for “something” and you got “something”… would you mind leaving some comment?) :lol: