Disable Chain In Track

I would find it useful sometimes to be able to switch off a whole tracks chain of DSPs a bit more easily than having to go along every DSP and uncheck all the ticks.

A master tick at the beggining of the chain would come in very useful here.

Edit: Just thought of a work-around for this:

  • Insert a send device at the beggining of your chain routed to an empty send track.
  • To bypass current track fx click on mute source and set send amount to 100%
  • To enable current track fx again click on keep source and set send amount to 0%

I still stick keep my suggestion though as it would save having to do this workaround. :)

I second this. It’s really something I’ve missed now and then too. If there are many effects I usually go around it by inserting a new track and copying the track to it. That way it’s easy to switch between them by just soloing the tracks (right-clicking the scopes).

yes second this. very useful option.
more neat than giving multiple vst on/off commands in a track

Well, create a sendtrack, put all your DSP’s in the sendtrack and then just “untick” the checkbox of the senddevice you use underneath your track.
It’s one of the purposes sendtracks are designed for.

(you can just turn on and off the send-device without having to switch your mute / keep source buttons you know?)

Yes this is fine if you want to put all your fx on a send. The only prob is that send tracks are limited to the right of the screen making it for less convenient tracking. If you use this method also you are likely to end up with as many send tracks as normal tracks. To me this is not convenient.

With the method I mentioned you keep all your fx on your original track/s and then just route as many tracks you want to, to a single empty send. The inconvenience here being that you do have to switch your mute keep source buttons.

Both are not as convenient as a master tick would be to me, but thanks for mentioning anyway.

Is that just a workaround or are you arguing against the suggestion? :unsure: Anyway, I can’t see any problem with a “bypass fx” checkbox, but the send track solution is definately more tedious, as Ledger mentioned.

ledger: WORD!

i’ve never needed this one but i can easily imagine it will happen some day ; )

Well, a good idea could indeed be grouping DSP effects in various chaingroups, but this will require a different list-mode…

(A list on the left and the viewpanel of the selected listobject on the right with all the parameters.)

I don’t think this will increase the overview that much over using a few send-tracks.
Besides it will probably also require new effect commands of which there’s isn’t much room.
And adding an extra digit in any of the available columns without complete having to reshuffle the core source-structure seems out of the question for the devs.
Combining columns or removing the F limition and continue counting up to Z is being considered newbie unfriendly.

How would anyone design a newbie friendly concept that does not require new effect-commands?

What about putting a gain at the beginning and just setting it to zero to ‘disable’ the chain?

I second this suggestion, it is very useful to be able to hear track “dry” on the fly, especially when mixing the song. Acid has this option, and I use it a lot. There could simply be a button next to active+off+mute buttons. Ot maybe it could even replace the “active” button, which I don’t find much use for anyway (you could just as easily unclick off or mute buttons instead clicking “active”).

A cool feature in the future: If/when effects have modular routing, is to be able to disable/enable certain routings. If a route is disabled all effects all the way to the “master/out” is disabled.

That way you could easily change effectpaths from one to another on the go.
(both paths are defined. When playing, one path is disabled, other enabled, and vice versa).

This will also stop the audio stream from the track, the same as muting the track. The suggestion is to keep the instrument sounds but to bypass all the fx in the chain.

This sounds like a very good suggestion if modular routing is implemented! Second this in advance! :)

Well then why not just have a send device at the beginning of the chain, with the mute button permanently set, and then just tick/untick the enable box whenever you need to hear your track dry? The send track it would send to would be empty of course.

Have a look at my first post ;)

Edit: sorry my mistake what you have actually said here is an improvement on my work-around, cheers for this!

Heh, I must have missed your first post, otherwise I would have worded that differently. Funny that, if I’d read it then I probably wouldn’t have thought of this at all. The mind works in myserious ways.

Keep trackin’! :yeah:

Very true! glad it did in this case! :)

Is this still not possible?

I would love a Bypass device chain button. Adding sendtracks for this purpose is not cool.

Also the sendbus workaround doesn’t work on the master bus which make A/Bing your mastering chain quite annoying, and in my case after disabling all the effects I forgot how it sounded. :smashed:

for a workaround put everything in doofer

Great idea! Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually that could be perfect…