Disable snap-to-grid when recording automation

When snap-to-grid is off in the automation editor, I can drag a point wherever I want with high precision. However, when recording, all recorded points are still snapped to the nearest line, even if snap-to-grid is off.

It would be very handy if Renoise recorded all points exactly where they should be. A fast moving parameter tends to sound a bit choppy if it is played back after recording it, unless you have a very high lines-per-beat count (but this makes editing hard). See also Support for pitchbend messages in MIDI map

What do you think? Should Renoise support this? It is how most other DAWs do it.


Yey! A supporter!

Notes have the delay column, so they are recorded with 256 times better precision than automation. It would be awesome if they both had the same precision.

(And I don’t mean: “Remove the delay column from Renoise, now they have the same precision!”) :wink:

definitely a yes from me too. it’s inconsistent behavior, and can prove impractical in certain situations, as you experienced.

I dimly remember this was the case in some long-gone beta before 3.x. But because automation became dense and slowed Renoise down this feature was removed. A bad decision from my point of view.

Generally Renoise should record all incoming automation (if automation recording is enabled) and let user to reroute it to wanted parameters. I haven’t tried breath CC recording with 3.x yet, but I have a hunch it doesn’t work.

I don’t know if breath CC is a special case, but at least CC recording works for me in general, but you have to route it to parameters beforehand using the MIDI map, and it has the limitations in precision that I have described.


Yep, I meant that it would also be nice to record all incoming CCs to lanes and then assign/transfer those to suitable parameters.

Here is an old thread about automation resolution recording from spring 2011. In that thread Taktik suggested this feature would be in a coming beta - I guess something got in the way or it was forgotten.

Ah, I think this deserves some new attention then!


This has been bugging me for ages. It’s my number one wish for the final release.


Please for 3.0 :w00t:


Or was it implemented in Renoise 3.0 and I just don’t know about it?

Sadly not.

Bump! I want this, yoooo :yeah: :panic: :drummer:


My renoise workflow is basically ‘live input/performance’-based (gotten pretty good at live arranging/composing without ever pressing stop) and right now, whenever i want to do a live solo with lots of subtle modwheel/pitchbend fiddling, i can only do it for the listeners (I’m usually streaming). the data itself is not recorded correctly to the pattern or envelope, as right now renoise is quantizing the live input to the LPB.

Also, it gets really noticeable on tracks with low bpm and low lpb (like 80bpm or less, 4lpb), where basically any pitchbending gets shifted and corrupted (while listening to it sounds fine).

If this got fixed, i’d be SOO happy. please o/ keep on making renoise the most awesome daw evaaah <3

+1 this is the thread I have been looking for. 2014 - 2020, its alive

It’s alive and I still want it! :slight_smile:

allright, YO!!! RENOISE TEAM!!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! (hehe was that a mr.t?)

JUST DO IT!!! I MEAN IT!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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