Disk Browser, Path In Input Field

Something that has been bugging me a lot is that you cannot type or paste a path in the disk browsers input field. The only way to browse to a path, that I am aware of, is to use the directory tree to the left.

To me, it would be a normal behavior that the disk browser browses to a path that you type in the input field.

Anyone agrees?

Yes, you should be able to paste stuff up and whatnot.

yes. check out this thread, which i resurrected some time ago because i felt the need for this feature as well. did not get a reply though, so maybe this will help.

This still isn’t fixed and it’s quite a fundamental so I’m bumping.

+1 bump

It is not really a bug either, but would be nice if one could manually enter the path in the input field.

Yeah, especially since copy/pasting paths from explorer et c is a common task to some of us.

Thinking of it… I don’t think I ever saw a file requester that wouldn’t go to the path being typed.

UltraVNC filetransfer window has the same irritation (and even worse because you have to click everything, Renoise at least has a search function), though that is a complete different application.