Displaying Image Files

Can I use scripting to display images (bmp, jpg, etc…) ?
I’ve been using Reaktor to create image sequences that sinc and change with Renoise patterns, but I have some issues with it, and am wondering if Renoise scripting could allow me to do it.

Yes, you could use “renoise.Views.Bitmap” from the “Renoise.ViewBuilder.API” to display images.

I’m not sure how this relates to Reaktor though. Scripting is programming in a text editor, Reaktor is a modular synth?

It’s not clear what your expectations are with that comment…

Hi Conner_Bw,
Thanks for responding :)
That’s great that it’s possible to display images!
I mentioned Reaktor because I hope I can manipulate the images in a similar or better manner than I’m able to do using Reaktor’s Multi Picture module.
Reaktor is nice to use because I can use Renoise automation to tell it what image to show, but it has some limitations (file size limit being a big one) that are problematic.
Basically I’m hoping Renoise scripting will allow me to create a slide show that changes with information received from the pattern note data or automation.

Have there been scripts yet that utilize this?

Yup, several.

Nibbles, Create Tool Tool, Duplex… It’s not just for slideshows.

lol good to know

svg would be super cool even if it needed the server to run it.

Thought I’d post a link to a video screen capture of Renoise hosting and automating Reaktor’s Multi Picture module while it displays screen grabs of an iphone app called Cellauto (a version of Conway’s Life).
Just to give an idea of what I’d like to do with Lua scripting, in case anyone’s interested.


maybe you can hack the snake/‘nibbles’ script and make your own cellular automata generative effect?

Interesting idea!
I want to play Autonibbles.
With sound.
and settings.

I’ve searched the tools page but I cannot figure out where you got those tools, did you create them?

I didn’t really expect anyone to answer.

this pisses me off.

Hey, don’t get pissed off, I just haven’t checked the forum lately.
I have a life outside of this forum, part of it revolving around something called a job.
I was using two Renoise Tools:
One was this - Automation From Notes
found in this thread:

And the other was this one - Randomize Notes
found in this thread:

The images were being displayed using the Multi-Picture module in Reaktor.
So there you go,
although I’m not sure why I even bothered to reply to you.

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