distributing duplex apps


I read in an old thread about duplex from 2011 (https://forum.renoise.com/t/how-to-start-editing-duplex-files/30979) that updating duplex deletes all my added scripts/files.

Is this still the case?

And how can I then distribute a new duplex app? I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but google did not help me on this one…

Cheers, Chris

Is this still the case?

Yes, duplex does not try to save data outside its own folder, acts like any other tool in this regard. Reinstalling will delete / replace existing data, including custom preferences. It is recommended to take a backup of files if you are creating your own controller configurations, and possible to take a copy of the preferences.xml file if you have adjusted application options (copying it back after installing the new version).

I guess it would be possible to make duplex more flexible , and I see two different approaches : one is to keep a repository of installed scripts, with the ability to download/update specific applications and controllers - a bit like a package manager for *nix. Would need to figure out a way to keep track of dependencies and stuff, though. And how would your application fit into this?

Another approach would be to create a basic export/import functionality. I’m perhaps more attracted to this idea, as one of the big planned features is a method (UI) for interactively creating device configurations. Making it easier to create custom configurations means that we are more likely to have a lot of them around, so it would make sense to protect them from being overwritten as well :slight_smile:

Hi danoise,

thank you for your answer(s) :smiley:

My first thought was, yeah, repositories, go for it! But I am sure this needs a lot of maintenance and at least one person who keeps track of all tools and dependencies. Like an editor.

The import/export option would outsource such a task to each user.

If I find the time, I try to sketch something like that…