Diva: saving presets

Renoise 3.4.2, Kubuntu 22.10 (Linux).

I have a VST3 instance of U-He Diva loaded. When I click on the “Save” button within Diva to save a preset, the save dialog does not come up no matter what I do. The same thing happens with the VST2 version.

On the other hand, if I run Renoise from a terminal, for both the VST2 and VST3 versions of Diva, when I open the UI, it glitches as if it is trying to settle on a final size, in other words it gets stuck in a resizing loop. When I close it and reopen it again, the UI loads up fine from then on. And as for saving presets, the “Save” button on Diva’s UI does open the save preset dialog, and I can save presets without issues.

The TL;DR is that when Renoise is started as normal, Diva’s save preset dialog does not appear, and if I run Renoise from a terminal, after an initial UI glitch, the save preset dialog does appear. I can recreate this every time.

Might be related to this bug: VST3 Plugins glitchy on Linux
You can check with version 3.3.1 to see if save dialog problem is solved by downgrading.

It would be good to check, but honestly, and lazily, I do not feel like downgrading just to test this.

VST3 support in Renoise is known to be glitchy, that’s a known fact from so many anecdotes. What is interesting is the difference in behavior when Renoise is started normally by clicking on the start icon, versus starting it from the terminal. Why is that? Is the terminal bypassing the desktop environment in some way?

For some reason the Enable Keyboard checkbox is missing in Linux, on Mac I have to uncheck it to use most functions of my plugins, this may be the issue? You can also try the .so linux vst format I believe

This is not the issue. Keyboard focus is unrelated to Diva’s preset saving dialog not opening when I click on the “Save” button with the mouse on Diva’s UI. It may be an issue if I couldn’t type a preset name after the dialog was open, but that’s not the case I described above.

I tried all available plugin formats, as I mentioned in my original post.