VST3 Plugins glitchy on Linux

edit: Version 3.3.1 works fine, in Version 3.3.2 there are glitches and graphical issues with VST3 plugins

Is it just me or is anyone having also issues with glitchy GUIs of VST3 plugins? I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 and basically all U-he plugins I tested show this. I also upgraded to the latest versions and no change.

Did you already try Yabridge



in addition?


Not yet, I don’t really want to add another layer. I don’t have even wine installed.

Probably you can manage Carla to work?
KXStudio : Applications : Carla

If not, you could at least try out the Debian based AV Linux for this job.

Sorry, but for what? The point is that VST3 is glitchy in Renoise. Sure I can use Wine and the windows VSTs, but U-he is making VSTs for Linux and they should work.

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I tried again version 3.3.1 and this is working perfectly! So, the problem is only in 3.3.2.


Still having problems?Here in Ubuntu 21.04 and Renoise 3.2.2 Diva and Ace working fine both vst2 and vst3.I opened the install.sh with the text editor and here is some help for you.
Also upgrade Ubuntu maybe that will help too


If you have an issue maybe your solution is somewhere on KVR:

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Yup, still issues with 3.3.2, but not with 3.3.1. Is there any solution in the KVR forum? The linked thread is quite old.

I’m on Ubuntu LTS, so I really don’t plan to upgrade.

When I open Diva, Hive etc. (VST3) I have a black rectangle under the GUI which is blinking. When I move the VST GUI down one time and up again it vanishes and the GUI looks ok until I reopen it.

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Does this happen on Wayland only? Try xorg or maybe it has something to do with your screen settings

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I’m using Xfwm4, no wayland. As it’s working with the previous Renoise version, I don’t believe it’s due to my settings. Also no issues on Reaper and Bitwig.

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Strange behavior although i tried bitwig too and gave me some errors like the vst ace taking time to load but i pressed skip and it loaded fine afterwards. Try exporting GDK_BACKEND=x11 like they say in the kvr thread even try loading the plugins in sandbox mode

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any news on this? This still happens in 3.4.2.


I tried running Diva in a sandbox and “export GDK_BACKEND=x11” didn’t work, either.