dear party people on the dancefloor,

if you happen to have some vinyl/ableton/final scratch/whatever dj-alike-mixes online, this is the place to post them. i’ve just started uploading mine to, which is imo a great place for uploading such stuff as they offer free uploading and seem to have pretty fast servers.

i’ve just uploaded my first three mixes - more to come:

As I am currently starting to code my own DJ-Portal I uploaded a mix there, too.

Best regards.

lucky me that im not thirty yet… :P

Interesting. So what’s the legal status on ? I can’t find a FAQ or Legal disclaimer or anything.
Because basically DJ Mixes are no different than pirating mp3s. I’ve always been scared to upload my mixes online for that reason.

But I think I will register tonight and upload a couple of my old funky house sets :D

I’ve done some mixes some years back just for myself. They are everything else than tight though since they were mostly made during boring saturdays while the beer amount was rising. weird is, that my transitions got better and better with every beer…

well, maybe I should try to dig into dj-ing again… someday.

Alright! I’ve uploaded one of my old funky house mixes from 2002, and it finally got validated on

The mix is entitled “Shut up and Dance” and was recorded in July 2002 from vinyl on my Gemini SA-600’s. The title is directed at people who go to clubs or parties and waste space and precious air by either just standing there, drinking, or smoking. None of which are the things you are SUPPOSED to do at a party :D

I’ll definitely be checking out Keith’s and Marc’s in the near future. Probably tomorrow while I am jogging. :D

now what’s that supposed to mean?
do you know that this has
a ) nothing to do with the topic
b ) a hurting effect on some people’s feelings ? :(

no matter what, you’ll be thirty sooner than you wish, i can tell ya !
sooner or later, age is gonna catch all of us - even you, young padawan ;)

i think it’s a bit cumbersome that you can neither f-forward with that player nor download the mix.
it also took some time until i figured how to play it (even though i know that player).

already took a sneak peek into the mix. nice stuff!

chill out dude!

i was just atm listenin thru your & mr. marc shake mixes and those were nice,
so no need to take it too personal. :)

hey camel, i am mr. chill-out in person.
i guess it’s sometimes just a bit hard to express oneself thoroughly without gesture and facial expression. :)
so absolutely no offense taken !

and thanks for checkin’ those mixes out :)

That only counts for you! I am totally down now… NOT! ;)

Did not have the time to DL or listen to the sets, yet but I am on my way to do that.

Well, that’s true. I am currently working at this issue. I am coding my own tiny “myspace” there and I am testing various flash-players. Downloading is not allowed because of Gema-Issues.

hahaha 1!

i must say turning 30 was an eye opener… then, turning 31 is just like the 2nd to last scene from The Professional (1994)/Léon (1994), when Gary Oldman opens up his hand and sees all the pins!
not a bad thing really, it certainly gives one clarity.

i always wanted learn deejaying, i could probably make a quickmix of a few tunes but i really would rather hear my tunes being played while in the audience.

Here is a mix from last year, i’ve done for myself. Style is ranging from dark ambient, breaks, electro.

Edit: Link is dead.

i have some linked on this page. unfortunately all the links which are mp3s and not zips are dead now, the ftp provider kindly deleted them. but this is another story:

here are some that work:

i’ll probably re-up the others when i get time. the above mixes have tracklisting on the page. the style is kinda eclectic within hard jungle type sounds, so there is some dubstep, acid techno, ghetto tek, uk grime, free jazz, captain beefheart or whatever thrown in there. if you like hard, firey and experimental sounds + shoegaze and sonic youth you might enjoy these basically.

Been listening to your “Reeeel house mix” tonight, Keith. This is positively badass! There’s way more disco on here than my own mix which I call “funky”, but holds nothing to this :D Love it.

yeah… i simply love the songs in this mix. so upliftingly fresh without actually being overly cheesy.
had my best club-times on this music - good memories never fade… :)

glad you like it mate!

Me too dude. Nothing can move the dancefloor and create incredible vibe like a good house set. Some of the peak experiences in my life have been to this music :D

So, as Downloading was not possible, you might want to look here:

some new stuff, for those who care :)

mix name: cross country '08
download | stream
playtime: 123 min 44 sec

starts off with some tribal, melts into tech-house, into house, into vocal house, into cheesy tech-trance!
all in one mix - i know you hate it :)

[i]p l a y l i s t

01 ahmet sisman - ruhani
02 nick holder - roxy blue beats
03 kings of tomorrow - untitled
04 hoodfellas - peep the technique h&f rmx
05 2db - caustic
06 unkle - restless livio & ruby rmx
07 acos coolkas - fresh one
08 jt donaldson - bob shots
09 dj sneak - sticky shiet jason hodges rmx
10 mr devins - comeback wess dusty rmx
11 dj sneak - did it at the disco
12 the quirk burglars - bubble theme craig hamilton rmx
13 ken christensen - be who you wanna be
14 troydon - live & learn
15 osunlade - mommas groove jimpstercross rmx
16 white collar criminals - i’ve said enough
17 the sound republic - pimp jason hodges rmx
18 white collar criminals - a brighter life
19 blak beat niks - celebration ruff house dub
20 andres - moments in life
21 the kelly project - wont let you go
22 white collar criminals - comprendre
23 todd terry allstars - get down kenny dope original
24 applescal - do the night ricky ryan edit
25 deadmau5 - jaded
26 stephan bodzin vs marc romboy - callisto
27 deadmau5 - faxing berlin
28 deadmau5 - we fail
29 glenn morrison - circles
30 deadmau5 - not exactly
31 glenn morrison - no sudden moves

I careeeee! Thanks! :)