Do All Who Uses Renoise

I’m just curious:
Please reply, anonymously if you want to

  1. You are using the free version of Renoise.
  2. You have a full version of Renoise, and also have paid for it.
  3. You own an illegal copy or cracked version of Renoise

My own reply is 2. Renoise is one of the few programs I’ve actually paid for :)

I don’t think you’re going to get much of an accurate response to this poll though.

i agree :lol:

Why not make the post as a poll?

  1. eye own your full version of Renoise

p1R4T1SM 4EVER!!!

i forgot there was a poll option :)

2, and I think it’s one of best things I’ve ever bought

2 (of course) and I agree with DDspeed.
I feel sorry for those who doesn’t feeling any guilt when using cracked version, at least to a 100% true software like this. :( If I made a song with a cracked version I would think my song was invalid.

  1. …I didn’t even know that there’s a cracked version of Renoise :)
    …but on the other hand it shows how known Renoise is already ;)
  1. And still glad to have paid for it.

At just $45, I mean, come on. Most people spend that much on booze in a weekend. They practically give 99% of the program for free, charging only for WAV output and other support, so it’s not like users are even limited in any way. $45 is an absolute steal. It probably costs less than the DSL line rental…

I agree… my best spent 45$ ever.

:guitar: :drummer: :yeah: :D
(yup I found cracked versions on a Scandinavian/Swedish DC-hub)

my answer is two (2)

proudly bought


i registered it and paid for it.

I agree on the piracy thing. Renoise is something no one should steal. It is worth the $45. All in all, I respect the software and developers enough not to pirate it.

But strangely enough, I do have pirated warez. I use pirated versions of adobe and macromedia right now at my job until they provide me with a registered version. And sound forge too.

i register software when they are in a decent price range, and renoise is :).

software that are 150$++, who registers that except business ?..

like the rest, its 2. i’ve never paid for any software except renoise :)

the only music software i’ve ever bought were:

Impulse Tracker



i think if i could afford it i would probably buy soundforge too but, alas. :rolleyes:

I bought Renoise, Tracktion, Jeskola XS-1, and Extreme Sample Converter. To me, it’s the Power Combo :). And a relatively cheap one, which is even greater.

The only two pieces of software I ever bought were Editplus and Renoise

I used the free version of Renoise for about a month before buying it. Definitely worth the money!

The only music software i ever paid for was Impulse Tracker and Renoise.
I paid Jeffrey 200 bucks for the pleasure i had with Impulse Tracker.
It will require a few technical changes before i donate that for Renoise.

I used the free version for about 15 minutes before I bought it. I felt in love instantly :D