Do You Need To Use Some "stimulants" To Compose?

A lot of my friends told me that they can’t compose without a joint!
Unfortunatly, i don t smoke joints :( it makes me paranoid!

But that’s true that with few glasses of champagne or vodka/energy drink my mind feels more free and my fingers more fast!

Does artists are constrainted to use psycho substances to improve in their art? (lot of famous painters and writers used it : absynthe, opium…)

[Of course using renoise under lsd is prohibited (braincrash guarantee) :w00t: ]

What about you?

No need for “stimulants” here. Maybe a beer from time to time. :)

How about a girl you fall deeply in love with but you know she does not want you at all?

Some speed and joint helps with this one :D

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just caffeine ( ̄~ ̄)

tea, ganjah just makes me wanna wank or sleep.

one guy from air once said " drugs are grat for listening to music, but not for making music" and I really agree with that. Sometimes I smoke a very, very small spliff just to get the brain going in some unusual direction, but when I am really working on a track I need a clear head.

But listening stoned/drunk to music is … great.

tracking on acid or shrooms is fun…when it works, sometimes it’s just a jarring confusing mess.

i like slightly stoned sometimes. caffeine is probably the best thing for tracking, if you can sit still for long enough.

there’s a south american tea called ‘yerba mate’ that i like alot because it gives you the clarity and focus effects of coffee, but somehow doesn’t make you as restless and jittery. it’s good for ye olde jabbanoising.

Best stimulant for me is to go out on friday night, have a great time, sleep over at a friends place, have a nice breakfast the next day and when you get back home - create music. I need some input from the world to be creative.

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I don’t like it but I got it quite often :))) I’m glad renoise isn’t able to tell me what she (of course renoise IS A WOMAN) thinks about me ;]

anwering to the topic - drugs no, alcohol mostly no - a bottle of heineken sometimes - yes ;]

So do I !

tracking on alcohol is exhausting cuz I always type the wrong keys :P
tracking on weed, like I did on friday… no big difference, I was tracking and tracking and tracking and oh… suddenly it was 9:00 pm and I started at 5:30 pm :D
but I noticed that the weed-booze had gone faster away, maybe because of concentrating on cutting and arranging and effecting…?!
so you wanna come down, turn on Renoise and let it go! ^^

U know, i don’t need weed or something to sit 3 hours and 30 minutes in renoise.

How about a girl you fall deeply in love with but you know she does not want you at all?

I hate to be in this situation but that’s true that’s when i produced my best tracks!!

“U know, i don’t need weed or something to sit 3 hours and 30 minutes in renoise.”

yes, not unusual, but I wondered cuz the time passed by as it were only 30 minutes or so…

…not saying i’m proud of it , but sometimes alcohol + Renoise + Garageband + Myspace =


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. ^_^

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i like eating mushrooms, stripping naked and smearing Vicks VaporRub all over my body when tracking.

Thousands and thousands of cigarettes…
Smoking is bad, except in France ;) (except for frenchs even if they don t live in france)

Beer and nasal snuff is best for me. I’d be too scared to write music on mushrooms. With weed I’d just look at the screen for hours wondering what to do.
I hurt my back recently and the Dr prescribed Diazepam as a muscle relaxant, doubling the dose produces some nice laid back stuff.

i was doing some chemicals back in the 90’s and some of my tunes from that time have been written when i came back from a long weekend.

there are at least two songs which have been entirely written under the influence of consciousness-altering stuff (this / that) - i doubt that they’re any better or worse than that what i wrote when i was sober.
there is absolutely no need to do drugs just in order to write decent music.
if you can’t do it without, you won’t be able to do with it either.

better keep in mind that everything which alters your consciousness will sustainably change your personality in one way or another.

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