Do You Use Total Commander?

I see a lot of people not even knowing what this is.

It’s a Windows version of Norton Commander, if that tells you something.

When I see people using Explorer I feel like Neo in the Matrix. :lol:

Basically, in TC you don’t need the mouse, kinda like in Renoise. With Alt+Tab I just “swing” to TC from Renoise when I want to backup my songs to another disk

I’m not working for them, just sharing the tips.

There’s also some other, similar products, like: Salamander, or EF Commander, …

Let me know what is your favouite or best value for the money.

…or DirOpus :)

I’ve only tried it though, I liked the Amiga version better for some reason. So I just use simple windows, not even the “Explorer” ones.

I like Speed Commander, although I think that this program crashes too often…

registered TC user here!
people think i can’t manage computers because i’m
completely not accostumed to windows explorer anymore.


muCommander is a cross-platform file manager featuring a Norton Commander style interface and running on any operating system with Java support (Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux, *BSD…).

I like that quote on the homepage “I found Jesus, he came to me in form of MuCommander” :yeah:

Nice, free! I didn’t know about that one.

It seems to have a lot of features and also a “NC-blue” background. :)

I’ll definitely try it and see how it is compared to TC.

i just use windows explorer with folders view and files in list view, it looks just like the above mentioned programs

Well, to be honest: I don’t know much about Windows Explorer, really. It might as well be a nice tool, after all. I’ll check it more thouroughly when I have some time.
In the meantime, I’m just curious about few things:
Can you manage your files without using the mouse?
Can you upload files to ftp?
Can you have two identical drives/files on both sides to copy from C: to C:?
When you are about to overwrite something does it give you the option to overwrite only older files (useful for backup)?

1 - yes
2 - not really
3 - not conveniently. that would be nice though, maybe i will check out one of these disk commanders
4 - i don’t think so


The only reason for me to use something like TC is when i hacked an XP or w3k server that has disabled the windows explorer, you can disable that to specific users or members of groups where this feature is disabled.
Unfortunately, MS or admins can’t lock out all possibilities that can explore drives or network mappings.

Personally it’s already heaven if i can break out a DOS prompt, then i can use windows explorer after logging on as Null.

Some free alternatives for Windows Explorer and Total Commander

Explorer XP
Tracker V3
Gyula’s Navigator
Windows File Explorer
Xplorer² Lite

about question 2:
you can open an FTP session in a Windows Explorer window, and drag&drop files there.

Normally I use Total Commander, but I just checked out DirectoryOpus and it’s a very nice app. Only problem with it is that if you click on contacts, it tries to load up Windows Messenger, and gets it to autostart (if you’ve disabled it).
There’s another one, called ABCommander (

Yeah, but its slow as hell…

I checked all of them, I kinda liked SpeedCommander.

muCommander is nice for a freebie, but it’s still under development.

TC stays my favorite for now, tho the hotkeys management is terrible.

A very useful thing I’d like to have in a Commander is the command line bar at the bottom, for running programs.

Anyone knows a good alternative to WinSCP? I am searching for a file managing tool for XP which supports SCP, and WinSCP ist veeeery slow on big dirs.

I wish there was a windows version of Rox-filer

On Win I use explorer.

Tip 2 speedup sample managment and search:
(instead of Renoise’s file manager)

Use this baby (TC) to navigate thru your samples, it’s just keyboard shortcut based as Renoise ! So navigating is very handy and fast.

You just pressing F3 to hear any sample,
Then create emty folder and copy all needed samples there.
Open this folder in Renoise and import samples.


i’m a happy internet explorer user! (yeye, microsoft rulez! ;)) working with multiple explorer windows and hotkeys is efficient enough for me. couldn’t think of any faster method.
and the GUIs of these “xyz-commander-tools” always make me wanna run, run far far away :ph34r:

and FTP-wise, i prefer a true FTP client like smartFTP.