Do You Want To Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

Please consider this.

Bitcoin is the only way in the world to use electronic money without it being owned by a private company.
And we need electronic payments.

In Sweden only 3% of the transactions are with cash and its increasing even more.

This means that people have given up the real control of their money to private corporations.

Most people do not reflect on what this really means.

We give away the power to control our money and thus our lives to private companies who are not based in our own countries.
This money is pouring away from all over the world.

They now charge everyone on earth a fee every time they spend or use their money.
Its the dream for the 0.001%

Not only that but this gives them the power to keep track of what almost every single person do.

For every single item everyone buys the 0.001% are collecting more and more money and this is year after year.
And where do this money go?

There are four companies that practically own the world by owning 147 other companies.

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

Thats why Bitcoin or any other free cryptocurrency is vital.
Its a key to keeping the democracy we can have as we get dependent on electronic money and the internet.

And its still just an experiment…

But why should we care if a few companies will own most of the world.
Its not like people are dying from poverty ;)

This is how centralized and controled the media is in the US.!

Three pages about Bitcoin already on the Renoise forums, a thread started by you?

Pump and dump baby!

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” -Hanlon’s razor

Invest in their stocks if you want to feel part of it :rolleyes:

If you are afraid thats what it is, there is no need to spend or risk any of your Fiat to use Bitcoin.
You can get $10 worth of coins and then buy something worth $10 with the coins.
There is no loss for anyone, well except the 0.0001% who misses out on cutting from the middle.

If you have a website you can set it up to accept them and be instantly converted to fiat.
No risc there either.

As little pump n dump as accepting Euro and converting them to dollar.

As for the quoted text. I have read those tiresome opinions a year ago. Its old and boring.
I remember the same kind of people laughing at the “nerds”, who used computers.

As for buying stocks, interesting idea but then I would only make them stronger.

Thank you for the information (and agitation), splajn. Had never heard about this before.

Thanks, there is more to it, atleast here in Sweden…

Just wanted to say you can get Bitcoins by selling music at coinDL.
They really could use some more good music.

Just a disclaimer, I don´t know who made the site.

isn’t bitcoin on the way out?

According to some media Bitcoin should not even exist, its was dead last year ;)
But Bitcoin has never been stronger and better, its just the hype is gone for now and thats the way I hope it will stay.
There is still no other currency and payment system that even comes close. Dont believe the media bullshit, or people who have a laud but shallow opinion, do your own research.

When Bitcoin was at the top of the Hype last year. There was only the original Bitcoin client Mtgox and the mybitcoin scam.
Today there are android wallets like Bitcoin spinner.

I have been studying Bitcoin for many hours (days) and many perspectives in the last year.
If there is any interest I could share the information.

But first you might want to know this.

Listen from 14 minutes.

Soon you will be able to buy Bitcoins from 700,000 places all over the world. In the US, Russia, Brasile etc.

Than you might want to look at this…

Btw I just bought a great music album by the group Alco and didnt pay a dime to the mega corporations in transaction fee :D

(Im in no way affiliated with them.)

In fact the transaction fee is 100,000% lower, thats hundredthousand percent lower than with Square (VISA) and Paypal!

I just hope that I can buy Renoise or even support the team with some Bitcoins.

Maybe Bitpay could be a start?


The United States appears to be working hard on destroying their and the rest of the worlds democracy.
By creating a world wide surveillance, gaining information on everyone including all of their own and our politicians, information that can be used when needed to get something done.

“We Don’t Live in a Free Country”: Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Widespread Gov’t Surveillance

The number of transactions will soon surpass the 2011 bubble…

Huh? HUH?? :blink: so how can it be more than 100%?

Besides if you want a stable currency get one that is tied to hard assets, like when the US dollar was tied to gold back in the 70ies or something. Now because it’s no longer tied to the gold the politicians can and do run amok printing new money when needed to patch their failures, the wall street demonstrators should protest their politicians instead.

Out of curiosity, how does Bitcoin define the exchange rates for all our currencies?

Good spotting the error. It should be the other way. VISA and Mastercard etc charge 100,000% higher transaction fee.

Yes, you are right. There are two huge problems with every currency.

They are printed endlessly, the money people own keeps get worth less and less.
This is actually a hidden fraud thats very hard to see for a single person. You have to look at the macro economics.
Those who print the money gets the most value out of the new money. Its first when the money is spread out among people
that the prices catch up and start to rise. When the prices rise, people demand higher wages. But the wages are the last to catch up thus the banks who print the money constantly earn on this inflation.
After a couple of years people notice this small lagging and go out to protest.
This is one of the mechanisms that make sure wealth accumulate to the richest of the world.

The other huge flaw is that governments borrow money from the banks.
Who out of nothing prints them, there is nothing to back them and charge an interest on the money.

This is actually a totally insane system invented by bankers who got governments to adopt to their system hundred of years ago.

Bitcoin takes the power back to the people.

There is not a single reason that we should pay interest on money printed out of the thin air.
The bank just pressed a button to create this money.

Thats why the dollar and FIAT currency is refered to as I OWE U.

Bitcoin is not based on dept. There is no interest on Bitcoins.

About making a currency “backed” by metal.

Gold is not backed by anything in itself.

The other problem is that gold is not designed to be cheap and easy to transfer over the world or the internet and
how do you know that a government do not cheat?

You dont. They sure as hell wont let you in to count all the gold. It would be kept secret someplace.

And gold can be faked.

The reason to back a currency by a metal would be to make sure it is not possible to endlessly print new money.
Because for something to hold value it need to be a limited resource.
If its an unlimited resource it can not function as a currency and the thing is.

But if you want a world currency you would need to store millions of tons of gold.
Just laying down in big underground vaults doing nothing. Whats the use of that?

Base the currency on math that can´t be faked, and does not require us to simply put lots of gold in the underground.

In the past dollar bills had the inscription that it could be exchanged for its value in gold. This part is printed nowhere.
The current amount of money circulating (excluding the digital transfers of money) is so much, there is no pile of gold that can back that up. The reason banks rather have people to do digital transfers rather than having some physical object to pay with is they have more insight of where money really is and that no fraud can be commited with it (forgery) and it also makes it easier to cover up a lot of things for the ordinary man.

Someone posted the Freedom to fascism video somewhere, but you can look it up on youtube. It tells quite some interesting things.

Your electronic money is frozen…

Even if you do not want to donate to wikileaks now, you might want to donate to wikileaks in the future. But you cant.
Because the electronic money system is controlled allmost entirely by private companies that are owned by private US banks.

They decided outside the law, that wikileaks was not good and froze all transactions to and from them.
They acted as a journalistic news site publishing leaked documents without any opinion.

The same banks that now are building up the worlds largest private army?