Does Renoise Ever Do Demo Shows At Festivals?

I just got back from bloc weekender and there was an ableton dome there which had loads of demonstrations and it was an amazing idea and surprising how many people said things like ‘I’ve heard of ableton but never really known what it is’, and everyone I talked to about me using Renoise to produce said an identical statement (except they didn’t say ‘ableton’) does Renoise already do showcases? If not then is there a massive reason? And if you do then where are you doing them?

Never heard of them, honestlyy.
But I have to say, that Ableton takes about 4x times more the cash you give for Renoise, so I think thats the main reason. You need some serious starting money to pull such a big advertisement move. I really hope that with version 3 (OK, maybe 4) Renoise becomes a 1 to 1 competitor to Ableton, Logic and so on. And it would have a price of around 200$ and then Renoise will rule the world, and the users will become the upper cast of society, and…
OK, I made up the last part , but it doesn’t mean that everything I wrote prior to that is also ironical. I really meant it. ;)
Until now, all people that begin showing an interest in music, I automatically redirect to our good old tracker Renoise. That’s the best I could do for now.

Makes me wonder if the devs should start pricing licenses by intended usage: if you sell your work through a third-party channel (i.e. a netlabel or traditional label), you’ll need a commercial publisher’s license; otherwise, you’ll need a regular license (hobbyists, direct sales, education, government (!), commercial use except mass-distribution as a song or music-video for sale as a standalone product). IMHO, iTunes is a label; SoundCloud and MySpace can be a label if you sell through those channels.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. But that’d what I’d do, to build an advertising budget. I’ve watched good companies fail partly due to inadequate advertising, and far too many companies succeed when they should fail because they have well-placed advertising but a shit product (I’m looking at you Telstra, Bing, most cosmetics, and any bottled water).

I think the ones I seen with a professional, verses hobbiest/home user licence, still have an amount they say you should be earning from your sales etc to need to buy the Professional licence, not just have stuff that is available to buy. EG Reaper Commercial Licence only needs to be bought if it is used within a company/artist group with income exceeding $20,000 per annum.

(somewhat politely) Bollocks to that!!! Renoise is a tool. A Fender Strat is a tool. If I make £$€ from using said tools, then good on me. If not, the manufacturer still gets the cash. I would be seriously negatively influenced if I had to pay say €250 for Renoise because I wanted to ‘release’ my own music

The developers should be proud that I could potentially make £$€000s from using their product and I’d tell everyone that I did use their product. Kids pirate Ableton cos someone they ‘respect’ uses it; not because of its features; just the artists’ association. Years ago it was Cubase

How could you ‘police’ this? How can anyone stop me rendering a song to MP3 and selling on iToons? Oh, by limiting the software. Great

However, comparatively speaking, I feel Renoise is too cheap. It never gets featured in SoundOnSound, FutureMusic, ComputerMusic, MusicTech and the like maybe because of muso perception ie it really is a geek product and to generate more sales, I’d try to dispel this perception by having closer links to magazines, blogs, more tutorials

Best thing for Renoise sales would be for [Insert DJ Name here] to have a massive hit and tell everyone it was produced with Renoise…but updates like 2.6 IMHO, are somewhat detrimental as what Dubstepper kid wants to learn Lua? They just wanna make wobbly basses

I forked out on Kontakt recently because Renoises’ sampler is/was somewhat antiquated (my EPS16+ does more…and yes I am that old!). It would have been nice to have been forewarned on some of the impending updates rather than just springing it on people the other day

Still, I have never been so productive with any other DAW but (unfortunately) things like a piano roll and audio tracks would be necessary to compete with the like of Ableton, Logic, Cubase etc hence the price difference

Maybe you guys could do a short interview with your larger artists who use Renoise and put that on the site, then get their wikipedia page edited to say that they use Renoise and use the interview as a source link. Pretty sure that would generate a bit more traffic.

great idea, rastamouse! now there’s some thought versus taxation

it would rock if they could pull off a proper Vsnares interview. i think i’ve never seem him talking seriously yet :)

You look at it from the wrong perspective, frankly the software costs EUR 250 but if you don’t make any reasonable profit, you can get an educational or home license instead.
Trust me, if you make over 20.000 dollars a year, you could spare 250 euro’s ;)

I once was at a festival in Luxembourg where Richard Devine was showcasing some Native Instrument software in a small tent at ridiculous volume. I wonder if it helps them sell anything, or it is just an excuse for the programmers to hang out at festivals :) .

Renoise never discusses the roadmap. Not for almost 10 years now. The only exception was the Lua update precisely for the reason you outlined. Kids want to make wobble bases, brace for impact for those of us who don’t.

This has been mentioned countless times, the most recent here.

The price of Renoise is low because the devs don’t want to stress. One of the things that comes with “no stress” is “no expectations.” You can’t blame Renoise for your purchasing of Kontakt. When you purchased Renoise, you didn’t purchase a future version of Renoise. Furthermore, Kontakt is a great product. Enjoy it for what it is.

Renoise pretty much exists because the core developers don’t want to deal with the bullshit of working like they did at other companies. (Ableton, Last.Fm, …) Renoise sort of exists to get away from the marketing bullshit. The product is priced accordingly. The devs live under the radar accordingly.

I think festivals could be done by enthusiastic users. Said users could even contact the dev team and work something out, if they were serious. Core developers have their own thing going on. Know what I mean?

This is the renoise way! And I thank Taktik and all the team for that!
And btw, I saw video from some festival or exibition with renoise, dont remeber when and where, but it was a year ago, maybe…

That was NAMM, and that was me, and I’m “a user.” ;)

Indamixx invited someone from Renoise as their guest, I was the closest to LA willing to do it.

But U also something like a forumrunner :)
Nvm, good point!

@Conner_Bw: so, what exactly are you saying… i have to go interview Vsnares myself? (seriously, your points are really good, and i like how you give some background info in a thread here and a reply there)

Uhhh, no?

I’m talking about “Does Renoise Ever Do Demo Shows At Festivals” and why renoise is cheaper than other solutions / roadmap.

There is an ongoing Interview effort. You might have seen some in In:Depth recently? User contributions are welcome here too, but some professionalism is warranted.

Contact the dev team via email if you are serious, and can actually get the interview without coming off as a gonzo fan.

It’s a shame I didn’t think of this earlier, I met him loads at BLOC. We chatted a little bit about Renoise, he knows his shit man.

i was only joking around.
i’ve seen him once, on stage in the Netherlands, in a show together with Bong-Ra, and i spoke to Bong-Ra (he’s Dutch) afterwards and asked him where Vsnares was, and he said he went after some Chinese chick, and that was it. i’m no fanboy, just think his music is genius and thats it.

I have contact deets for Snares, I’d be willing to try and get a questionnaire sent to him if you like. Just PM me.