► Renoise 2.6.1 Released (2.6 Bugfix Update)

Renoise 2.6.1 can now be downloaded from the Renoise backstage (registered versions) and the public download pages (demo versions).

This release is a merely bugfix update for the 2.6 release.

Changes/fixes are:

  • autoseek with multiple note columns didn’t always work (see this thread).
  • Renoise saved some 24bit FLAC files wrong on Linux x64_64 - applies to 64 bit versions !only! (see this thread).
  • demo versions nag screen nagged demo version users way to early. Sorry for this one.
  • OSX demo versions did not include the scripting API documentation and MIDI/OSC scripts
  • a few other Lua API related fixes (see this thread in the scripting forum for details please)

Great Thanks!

Thnx +

I see you took away the ‘continue working on 2.7’ sentence :)

why I have problems with faking microsoft farewall, you add bomb for crackers or what?

P.S> I’m legal user

Yay. Sounded cheesy. You all know that we are ;)

I also got a comodo notice deleting the folder of 2.6 after installing 2.6.1. Some .sep file that is associated with synthedit, I think? Comodo asked me if I wanted to add the .sep file to my save files (false positive).

What exactly is the problem, where did the firewall moaned?

Another step forward :) Congratz.

thanks for that update. and for all of the work put in this software.

just out of curiosity: do things like ‘to do lists’ ever get published in any way, or do you guys keep that a secret to avoid (obvious) discussion about the priority of certain functions?

Faster load times here, much appreciated!

what are the plans for 2.7?

like said in other threads,you will have to wait and see

is it normal that my template song is no longer present after the update?

and if so, can this be changed? it’s quite annoying…

I got a notice about the update yesterday on Steam while playing Left4Dead 2… which was kinda cool :) thanks for the update

we are only 0.09 versions away from its release

Click on Help “Show Preferences Folder…” in Renoise. The template xrns should be there. If its not, copy it manually from the 2.6.0 folder.
The template should have copied automatically. Will check why it’s not.

Sorry, as the others said, we can’t give you an exact roadmap. Only thing I (me, personally) can promise, is that we’re back to usual Renoise user feature pimping again, not THAT much concentrating on nerdy tec programmer stuff like scripting in 2.6 is. Something for everyone - hopefully.

Main reason that we don’t discuss exact release roadmaps in public, is that we can’t work like that, and think that its better for everyone involved not to do so:

For us devs, promising features and exact release dates results into a massive amount of stress and expectations (we learned this the hard way a few times already). If we all start discussing things that will definitely be there, but can not be tried out yet, everyone will have different expectations, different hopes, imaginations. Imaginations are usually better than the reality.
The other important thing is that we can’t and don’t want to work on an ultimately strict plan. Things change, new ideas come around while starting to work on feature XYZ, technical problems can change anything at anytime. Things don’t work out in real as they were planned. People get into the team, leave the team, have more or less time that planned and so on. This is a very fluid process, not a strict plan we are following to satisfy a marketing & sales department only.

Form a users perspective I also think its a good thing if releases come up out of the sudden, like good presents do. We all, the community create a plethora of great ideas, which is the base on what we are working on. So the problem we face is not “what to do”, but “what to do first” and how exactly, and how to solve the technical problems. So I guess this is something where you simply have to trust us devs a bit in doing the right thing for you. This way we hopefully also can keep out all the nerdy tec details and problems behind the curtain.

thanks for that, and the elaborate explanation underneath that. i don’t mind not knowing what will be next (i enjoy the surprise) but i do like to know a bit about how stuff works behind the scenes, and you’ve provided just that.

Taktik is the coolest :) :yeah: :walkman:

its all TACTICS hehe

buts let us not forget the rest of the team great job guys