[done 2.1] Midi Automation Request

Currently theres no real way to send the same control command to more than one DSP slider/parameter/whatever at a time. Back in 1.5 you used to be able to trick the program into cloning a command through cutting/pasting devices - set the channel to the first DSP parameter you want to control, “cut” with control-x or whatever, then set up the second device you wanted the commands cloned to and proceed to paste the first device.
this kept me happy for a while, as the limited times I actually can’t think of another way around I’ve gone back to 1.5. Now with all the features of the new betas, I am discovering new techniques that are simply not possible in 1.5, so yeah… its something I’d really like to see.

I think I’ve made mention of something like it before, basically an extra meta device that allows one to set up multiple recipients of the control message fed to it, possibly with features like scaling, so you could send the same message in half the proportions to one device as to another, for instance…Think along the lines of crossfading, and how this could really help in using renoise as a live performance tool
I know this makes for some tricky internal routing, potentially asking for a total re-write of the code, but can I get an answer as to how feasible it actually is, at least?

Edit: visual aids are good, especially with my way of describing things. In this theoretical design, the input gets sent to the devices, selected like an LFO’s recipient…

Edit2: maybe a third pull-down menu to select the track of the recipient device, to keep it modular without getting overcrowded…



I’m interested… googlin’ now =D

hmmh, using an approach similar to this it would not be that hard to develop a system into Renoise that would allow midi-inputs to accept controllers only for the currently opened or selected VST plug-in.

Here is a link to another topic discussing this quite useful option.


peace :walkman:

yes, I’ve been experimenting with your suggested workaround… and while its operable, its finicky at best… a big long workaround… so personally I’m still interested in this area of development

it would have been much more interesting if Bome was a VST plugin rather than an executable.

Thanks for finally doing this :D