[Done 2.7] Ability To Create Ramps In Automation

I’ve been having a very productive week with Renoise, but there is a serious issue with the Automation controls. I’ve checked the manual, so I’m pretty sure this can’t be done (yet).

Basically, because the Automation editor only allows one control point per line, it is impossible to create ramps.

Renoise’s automation curves need to support two points per tick, like Live or FL. I can name quite a few controls where this is nearly essential (quick jumps from max volume to zero, scrubbing a sample in Alchemy, etc.).

If you want a linear ramp or a curved one:Automation is being interpolated in between two row points.
I thought the “tick” amounts determines the interpolation integrity.
But no:you can’t ramp from an arbitrary value in between two row points, they are always interpolated.

So is it impossible to add something like that to Renoise? I only ask because a lot of the modulations I do end up looking like this:

I understand that the square wave modulation can easily be done in the pattern editor itself, but there are many times (especially when I’m scrubbing a sample’s position) where I need that direct value-to-zero jump, and the pattern editor doesn’t offer enough resolution to have the scrub sound decent (and I am using the 00-FF ctrl+l linear interpolation).

A way to do just what you want to do is to use the LFO device.

you can either use multiple LFO devices and turn them on and off with a command or change the type with a command.

then put resets where you want them to start. It’s a little more free running this way too.

Funny, I just discussed this with my guitarist who wanted to have a VST panned to left and right without any steps in between.
I hardcoded this in the pattern editor, but if this could be done in the automation it would be very nice to people who hate to do it the way I did it or using LFO’s

Yep, what Renoise needs is the ability to put to points on one line in the automation, to give instant changes. With the current system the closest you could get is this:

Going to maximum at the point before the beat as it’s usually less noticeable and sounds closer then finishing the automation on the beat.

As Renoise reads from left to right I think you could do it with the pattern commands but using two columns but I’ve never tried it. You would ramp to your maximum (interpolation) in the first column and then put a value of zero in the second one and I think it should do pretty much what you want.

Couldn’t you just do that by using Point mode in the automation window? Or don’t I understand?

I forgot to mention we also intended to make a slide.

Two automation points per line please Renoise Gods! Would make all this possible and surely not that hard to implement…


I was going to ask fopr this very feature, but I hadn’t gotten around to making the screenshots.

I use this kind of automation in Live all the time, it is extremely useful.

Gotta add a +1.
I’ve tried to use the envelopes to control sample scrubbing, lookup, and MIDI sequence position (in Bidule), many times, and am always frustrated by it.

can’t wait till the pimped automation editor in renoise 2.2 ;)


I thought of creating this thread long time ago, but never got to actually doing it :D

I’ll see your 53 and raise you +2F :)

So my image was replaced with the text IPB image… was this that whole Imageshack hack thing that I read about today? Should I re-upload it?

I think the Imageshack server you were hosted on might just be down, maybe due to the hack though. Could be they are trying to restore stuff. I tried a couple of others from my history and they worked. According to the report you should get another image if it was hacked.

No harm in reuploading elsewhere if you’re bored though ;)

It works again =D

!!! cant wait !!!

One way you can get around automation resolution issues at the moment is by using an empty (no sample) instrument to trigger an lfo or modulate something using keytrack device, hydra helps here. This isn’t always visually intuitive and it might clutter up your dsp chain but there is the advantage of 256pt resolution with the delay column and also the ability to “jam” with your modulations.

The automations in renoise are the weakest part of it for me.

It needs far more res, far more control. If it’s going for an overhaul in some upcoming version, apart from what has been said already, I would like some more curve control for the automations. Here is a screen from fruity loops

Just a friendly bump. 2.5 is freaking awesome, but this that one small feature that kills me.