[Done 2.7 B2] Comb Filter ...Frequency Limit

Is there a reason why the comb filter freq. is limited to 640 hz ?

I was wondering this also, and why the lower limit is only 32hz? Really interesting little effect though, I like it! :D

I think lowering the limit below 32 hz might give some dc offset problems ( depending on feedback value ) , not sure about it though

Agree. Unlimit the frequency slider completely, up to the nyquist frequency for the current song. Allow fractional Hz (0 < frequency < 1).

DC offset problems? Checkbox for auto DC offset preservation, implemented as channel = addDcOffset(getDcOffset(channel), removeDcOffset(comb(channel)))

The current range gives a relatively ‘musical’ output, I suspect having a much larger range will limit the usable effect to a small portion of the beginning of the frequency slider. Maybe it would be better if minimum and maximum values could be user determined?

I decided to limit the output to a range that preserve a more gentle and musical approach. Also at higher repeat frequencies, when we interpolate the buffers there are more chances that the transitions are more audible, thus creating strange and sometimes input dependend artifacts.

I will try to higher the range, and see if i feel comfortable with it.

You know guys what I really miss in such devices? I miss setting frequency by notes, i.e. A4 = 440hz, c3 = 261 and etc. Setting delay based effect frequency by ms is a big programmers mind “hello?” to the world of music. Flangers and many other similar effect are losing their best effect because you just can’t set frequency you need. You probably have all 0-22050hz range with 127 midi steps, so whats then? When I started to build some stuff in Reaktor ages I ago, next day I understood this. Flanger can be damn musical effect without any LFO. Let’s face it, I suggest implement setting frequency by note support in Renoise many years, but the feature is in the bottom of list. Is it really that hard? Is making Flanger, RingMod and co as VSTi aliases so hard? Get out here…

Ey Zed,

have you seen dblue’s tuned effects? For example:

Thanks. This is better than nothing. Got any Flanger mapped? But native note support could be way easier.

Flanger? Myself no, bet you can whip something up controlling the flanger’s delay value through Dblue’s keytracking device & lfo combo (simply replace the filter out of his example), but it might not be as precise as you want? Mapping it to the new comb filter may give better, similar sounding results as a non modulating flanger with feedback.

Nah, flanger need completely new table. Flanger, Lofi need new tables, dblue? :)

For frequencies near nyquist to not sound like utter rubbish, if that’s what would happen, oversample this. Or, allow us to set it to oversample N times.

is there some way to get rid of the artifacts that come from moving the frequency slider?
makes a sort of clipping noise while moving it, if you know what I mean.

Btw. just as a side not, I think the device REALLY needs an inertia slider as well.

i have to check this comb filter out this weekend,i just love the comb filter in tone2s bifilter2 so looking forward to testing this,glad to see this native in renise