[Done 2.7 B3] Automation Editor "Free Draw" Represented As Thi

This follows on from my finding that drawing and using freehand drawn ie 256ppl automation envelopes is processor heavy.
When you draw in automation freehand, the curve is drawn using those circles that are normally used as draggable points.
IMO it would be better to just use a one pixel thick line like that found between points, then maybe change to the white circle things when you zoom in really close.

great idea

Agreed, this is how it’s in other daws. This would also make sense to allow drawing at selected resolution no matter where the zoom is (ie I want to draw/record dense automation at medium/far zoom instead of close). Currently zoom and resolution seem to be locked together.

this has to be fixed urgently , really
When I merge 4 , 64 line patterns into a 256 line pattern , drawing automation really puts a load on the cpu meter , even when the snap is set to 1/4 …
I was so afraid if renoise would ever tax the cpu for simple gui draw stuff , now my fear has become reality :(

With all the users Renoise has, there doesn’t seem to be a lot complaining about this. Not that I mind optimization :) … If on windows, what priority setting have you set the OS on in the preferences, background services? Does changing it to the other option help here?

Also sharing system specs would help, maybe.

another rant , I am on a 5 year old laptop and as soon a processor heavy action is performed it goes from 1800 mhz clock speed to 1000 ( no speedstep its disabled , its just getting old )
Can you imagine that by just drawing in freehand automation my processor is slowing down …( especialy on longer patterns )

Sux for you buddy, but the audio keeps in sync or does the audio also glitch?

audio syncs , gui is slowing down and that what’s bothering me .
Do you experience any gui lag when drawing freehand in a 512 line pattern ?

Confirmed, there’s a lag of about a second when drawing at zoom 1 to a pattern of 512 lines. My laptop is quite new, so this only happens when I try draw whole pattern quickly in one go. Macbook Pro 13" Unibody 2009, 2.2GHz dual-core Core2, 4GB memory. I can imagine there’s quite a delay for old machines.

This just needs a bit of work. Drawing lots of points creates a noticeable overhead on any computer.
We will take care of this during the beta…

Don’t want to make a new thread for the following and as this is about the automation editor:

is there a chance the randomization and humanization buttons return in the automation editor? I know about the right mouse click menu, but yeah…

i need too ;) and sorry for the double-post at http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php…