[Done 2.7 B5] Two Nitpicks For Instrument Settings > Sample List

This is a pretty small point, but the new sample-list window of the instrument settings tab should support selection of a sample via mouse scroll wheel, just like the instruments window in the upper right already does.

Another other idea (not necessarily a request) for the samples window is a copy or duplicate option in the context menu. You can already accomplish this by copying sample data from the sample editor into a new sample slot, but a “duplicate sample” command in the list itself might be handy so you don’t have to reset bit depth, finetuning, etc. for the new copy. Like the scroll wheel, this is also a feature which the instrument list currently supports. I dunno. Would that be useful?

I’ll copy my post from the other thread as the other thread is really a bit of an offrail from the original topic of conversation.

I find it more weird because it does through the Instruments and not through the Samples.

Can we please have the same action in both areas! I do not like this discontinuity between very similar parts of Renoise.

On that note it probably should in the DSP list as well. So, assuming Focus is set, you could scroll down with the mouse wheel till you find DSP and hit Enter.

And Disk Op.

Just reinstalled Windows so haven’t got any VST installed to check that window.

All these windows should behave the same! The fact is it seems that Instruments is actually the odd one out.

How about a Preference to have ALL either just scroll, or scroll and select?

As for the “copy sample” idea, I just noticed you can control-click-drag a sample slot to achieve this easily.

Still, to keep things uniform like kazakore mentioned, it might be nice to have a context menu entry too. I had to “discover” this feature. But I do prefer keyboard shortcuts anyway, so no big deal for me at this point.

Regarding discontinuity: IMHO the instrument selector should behave just like any other parts of Renoise in order to avoid this. But I fear that as soon as we change this, a lot of people will be pissed off, because it used to work like this for years. Dilemma - as usual?

The selection in the instrument list works with scrolling through samples/vsti using the scrollwheel, while using the scrollwheel on the bar to the right of it moves the list up and down and doesn’t scroll through the instruments.

If you’re looking for consistency, why isn’t there the same behavior for scrolling through samples in the new sample selector?

please err on the side of consistency. It’s well justified, not so justifiable to be “pissed off” that inconsistencies were ironed out, imho

I would say I agree with this. People expect software to be ironed out and made more consistent (and thus hopefully obvious/usable in all areas) as time goes on and things like this are pointed out to the developers that may of been previously missed.

Plus I can’t see it bothering anybody. As scrolling you have to then click where you can see why would it matter if it moved the selected with the scroll, meaning you may not have to click? Not like you are changing anything live in the program with most of these, but what you want to load next (in most cases, although original request is to get the live sections back to mouse wheel changing them.) Plus makes it a lot easier if you have focus on the section, selection scroll with wheel, up/down button a couple of presses once you see your desired selection, press Enter. Currently you see what you want, press up/down and end up miles away in the list again.

I would vote for bring in the consistency first and then allow folks to get accustomed. If it doesn’t feel right and no one can’t get comfortably accustomed to it, then change it.