[Done 2.7] Frequency Splitter

but cooler

I’ve been thinking about this too, maybe it should also be possible to split the signal into multible bands and send to different tracks too :) definite plus uno.

i like the idea, but can’t help but think this should already be possible with the currently available DSP fx. i do not know exactly how though, as i’m not a DSP-wizard like some around here…

a +1 anyway, but, as with the Send Device, the keep/mute source should be a slider and/or automatable. look up the seperate thread(s) for that if you’re interested.

You can do that with filters and sends but that’s a pain, especially when you want to deal with overlapping frequencies between filters.

So +1 for a multiband sender, 5 bands would be great.
And hello multiband compressor, vocoders, multiband distortion etc…


would be nice to have this as a native dsp effect

Yeah, I allready knew this could be done, but it’s just a big pain in the backside when you add filters, they always land butter side down lol. plus it gets messy. This I think/know would be awesome!

maybe by the right of “reciever <> s01” have a number slot, and it would display 1/5 for example. +1!!!

would be great as a native dsp but not a priority as you can do it with filters and sends

my vision:

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come one renoise krew you know it makes sense :)



I know they are working hard on other things, however, I am obsessed with frequency specific processing and I think this would help…nuerofunk got you thinkin about splittin eh? ;)

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@ Tarek-FM :its neurofunk not nuero ;)

Jesus Christ…you are right!!! English is my first language too and I am a good speller…thx…shows you I have been hard at work in the studio!!!

Nice work on the release BTW!

edit/ps: Still stunned I made that mistake 2x…it was in my sig too…cheers

hehe, np :) and thanks!

   :dribble: +1 !

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I think this can be now added as a tool (by lua script) using send devices and filters, not sure though.

My mock-up and some more discussion on this subject:

I like!

Until this feature is implemented in Renoise, maybe you can try this freebie by AraldFX:


It’s called AXV5 and works quite good in energy xt, I am not sure about how it will work in Renoise, but it’s worth a try.

Crossover send device. +10