Multi-Band Compressor?

Is there a way to achieve this with native effects?

maybe with sends / sidechaining & bandpass filter combo’s?

combination of high pass followed by lowpass ( both butterworth ) and a compressor …duplicate on numerous sends

Hydra device to have the high pass and low pass filters keep track of each other in the Sends (if you get what I mean.)

On second thought, maybe a new native device would be better! :)

I usually have some kind of 2 band compression / routing with bass, but i’ve always wondered where should I cut with 12-24db/oct LP and HP so that crossing point would be 0db.
-12db + -12db = 0db?

Maybe a “Multi Send Device” :w00t: :panic:
(not only for compression :rolleyes: )

Screw multiband compression… I want multiBRAND compression. Every known brand of compressor in one… to satisfy my nonexistent audiophile urges.

Well it depends on if you’re talking voltage, power, amps or other.

Generally they seem to quote filter curves on power, where 3dB is the half/double point. The value given (EG a 4pole Butterworth filter at 1kHz) is at the -3dB point, so both set to the same should add up flat. (Been trying to experiment with this is Renoise and is somewhere Mixer Presets I’ve been meaning to suggest, although really just an expansion on another idea, would greatly help.)

So, in short, the values should be the same to give a flat response. Whether Renoise is quite that accurate I do not know though…

I was just thinking the same, a multi band-filter signal splitter, allowing you to send out different bands to different send channels! Nice!

(I think images aren’t always displaying at work as didn’t see that before.)

Again something that could be achieved with a nice Meta Device that allows selection of parameters across multiple DSPs to be combined into one GUI/DSP. This particular example would require taking from multiple tracks, which I’m not sure if it was discussed before, but now we have cross-track routing that shouldn’t be an issue.

A device like that would almost be as interesting/useful as Scripting.

Interesting confession but please apply some suppression to your compression obsession.

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The “Bandwidth Hydra Send” proposal (terrible name, come up with something better?) is actually pretty neat.

Instead of slider bars, I would prefer a different interface (like in the AU Multiband Compressor image above, where I can drag 4 pointers/lines to cover a range of the spectrum). The ability route parts of the signal to different send tracks is rad.

yeah… I was thinking the same. But like Signal Follower is more flexible than sidechain compression, this will be more flexible than multiband compression. Still keeping the flexibility in mind I think there should be a switch or option in this device whether to link previous high pass with next receivers low pass or not.

On the other hand. If the purpose will be multiband compression for most of the people, it’s going to be a pain in the a’'e to set it up every time. :( Especially when you want to have mbc on master you will need to route everything to one send-track and create a send-track for each band which will be routed to master after that…

I’d call it “#crossover send” device. And in practice it should work so when moving the crossover points and all the send channels are dry and same level, you shouldn’t hear any difference in the sound. Doing seamless crossover with current renoise filter devices is bit impossible unfortunately. :(

How about a multi-band compressor, and a multi-band send device? Two devices?

One for most people, another for the experimentalists?

Look at me, making feature requests and piling on the work I won’t have to do! :slight_smile:

Sorry if I hijack your topic but in theory you can have this mutltiple-something send device for a lot of FX.
To make this more modular (and this reusable), I think it is time to have the dsp chains in a graph format.

For the mutiple band-filter send device, typically the graph will look like:

 | | |   
 | | |  
 [filter] [filter] [filter]  
 | | |  
 | | |  

Or for the multi-band compressor:

 | | |   
 | | |  
 [filter] [filter] [filter]  
 | | |  
 | | |  
 [compr] [compr] [compr]  
 | | |  
 | | |  

The split-device will simply replace the send device. The add(er) device will be decided how much percentage (weight) of each input is mixed to the output. Mutliple inputs can be created on the adder device.

Now you only need to route tracks to the signal input of the graph.

maybe just splitfilter in send device?..

maybe this is the simplest:D

Native Renoise Multiband Compressor.

It is the simplest but it is also the less modular. Also the team have to make some assumptions about the hardcoded filer settings (MAybe you want to split on HP and LP, Q-factor?).