[Done 2.7] Points In Instrument Editor Pitch Envelope?

i was trying to create very fast custom arp sequences and thought that a ‘points’ option (as well as cubic and linear) in the instrument editors pitch envelope would be useful for that. looking at the thread on zoomable pattern editor it seems that maybe fast custom arps will be possible in future using that way too (as mentioned here: Command Tables). would anyone else find this useful? is there a way to do these kind of things already? maybe im looking at it the wrong way.

yeah man. I agree. arp rocks btw.

i agree, and it made me think about another thing i stumbled into recently:
i would like for the automation-windows to be more detailed, which means, i sometimes hate that the next point on my curve may only be placed on the next grid-line, instead of, say, in between, or on the same line in order to do a square-type transition. anyone else who feels bothered by this restriction?
(i’d like to go as far as to suggest an envelope implementation as it is done in the Crystal VST, where you can specify the kind of curve used for each point (curve up, curve down, straight, etc), so you can really draw out everything in extreme detail, but that might be a bridge too far)

Two points per line, for instant changes.

Besier Curves for variety of shapes, curves http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Besier_curve

More linear time resolution also wouldn’t go amiss, currently only possible by increasing LPB etc.

(This one only main Automation - Being able to do automation over multiple patterns would also be very nice. Something that may hopefully tie in with any kind of Arranger integration into Renoise.)

EDIT: General Automation changes I would like to see, most apply both to Track and Instrument Automations.

@kazakore: exactly. +1

other inst envelopes too.

agreed. very much agreed.

never used crystal however, but i do strongly agree that the envelopes/automation in renoise need to be more detailed. that’s what i love most about renoise and got me turned onto it, the fact that you could manipulate samples at such a fine level and in such an intuitive way. i’d pee my pants if they came out with syncable instrument envelopes and a more detailed automation window.

yep totally agree …points for pitch envelope …also ability to use all 3 interpolation methods at once in the automation editor