[Done 2.8 B6] Plugin Instance Naming

Plugins instance of VST and VSTi have names of .dll, not the names in Renoise (or custom names)

Here’s an example, notice that i have changed Angular momentum as AM, but instance is still Angular Momentum TB30X 2, and sometimes there are so much hardcore examples of it, that you can’t even see on instance which plugin it is, coz the name of .dll is very long…

I suggest to make it custom rename sensitive, like this: VST: DeveloperOrCustomDeveloperName PluginOrCustomPluginName
Coz in this way it’s more chances that plugin name will be seen on instance of some plugins…
Hope you have undesrtand what i have meant, i think it will make work easier :D

Not sure if i need to put this into bug or Ideas, Suggestions & Help section, coz honestly i don’t remember how exactly renoise have behaved in earlyer versions…

Sorry, i didn’t get it. You can rename every node with a custom name as far as I know. I also organised all plugins by type, which is much more helpful imo:
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Lol sorry, don’t know what’s going on in my brain.

I vote +1 for your suggestion, the instance name should be exactly as the naming in the selection tree, shouldn’t it? With a “(AU 32)” or “(VST 64)” at the end.

yeah, it would be more logical i guess…

I like that it picks these names and i tell you why:
Not every plugin shows its bit version in their name. And when i am installing 64-bit plugins, usually the 32-bit version is installed too.
I usually rename the 64-bit dll to pluginname_64.dll and that gives me more instant view where to find my 64-bit plugin then to figure out which one has the arrow and which one doesn’t.

But i thought you could rename plugins in Renoise too? (Right click and rename)

Yeah, but you see, here are also 2 conflicts…

  1. If you rename .dlls some plugins just won’t work without core folder structure.
  2. Just as i said, when you rename plugins instance name of opened plugins both in mixer and in instruments still stay as name of .dll, which is not good i think…

But can it be like this?
VST: Developer/CustomDeveloperName/.dllNameIfItDoesn’tHaveBothPrevious PluginName/CustomPluginName/.dllNameIfItDoesn’tHaveBothPrevious (define bit version from .dll itself)

It’s like in foobar mp3 tagging define scheme, if track doesn’t have tags or custom changed tags - it will scan for filename and file data itself

Indeed make sense. Done for the next beta…


Oh yeah, there are also related issue, like when you add custom renamed plugin to faveorite - it still keeep original name…

Hell, now i noticed that mixer devices also have original names, not renamed! :(
Sorry for being so slow before b6…Rest about this cosmetical issue is perfect in b6

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This is intended, because there is not much place in the mixer for the names.

But most of those names before renaming actually bigger than renamed names…

For example i have:
Before: UltraPitch 6 voices mono/stereo
After: UltraPitch 6 m/s