Few really useful workflow imporvments

Ok, so.

  1. And most important one for me, since i have 2300+ vst plugins is an option to ‘Collapsed on start’, coz every time i want to find my plugins, i need to press rmb - Collapse whole tree.

I think it’s appropriate to make checkbox menu item in rmb dialogs there, for default behaviour of both in VST and VSTi dialogs (preferably separately from each other), it shouldn’t be too hard to impilment.

For obviously illustrating this (i would love to be it like screenshot to the right):

  1. Option for enabling Autoseek by default (Personally i LOVE autoseek, it’s great for my workflow, and i enable it much more, than disable)

  2. Option for enabling / disabling Autp suspend for VSTi by default (Maybe i missed something, before it seem to be kinda selective from plugin to plugin, now it seem to be off for everything by default, which doesn’t really desired in my personal case)

  3. I simply beg you to implement features 1 and 2 offered here in final Renoise 3.1, it absolutely won’t hurt anybody, except it will help a lot to work faster!


  1. For fuck’s sake! Give us loop fine editor back !!! https://forum.renoise.com/t/give-us-loop-fine-editor-back/39802 I’m still pretty much not alone about it in here!

  2. Still by now doesn’t really count renamed plugins names in mixer https://forum.renoise.com/t/done-2-8-b6-plugin-instance-naming/34951

  3. That’s more hardcore: Grouping Sends - Obviously if it will be implemented someday - it will be a freaking bomb out there!!!

I really hope that i haven’t been too late for all of this stuff, at least more basic of it, this is first really free time i had since beta launch, but i’m really up to help evolving Renoise for better and good!

Respect for all your work, hope for some feedback and improvements on all of this areas! :drummer:

Really wish you could pin the expanded plugin list somewhere and have it for easy access.

+1 for “collapse on start” for plugins, it’s the first thing i have to do everytime i open renoise.

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Cmon, it’s already rc2, please impliment at least some of this in 3.1!

I’ve waited for long enough to just miss all this handyness again)

+1 for “collapse on start” for plugins

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Ideally natively baked in for optimized goodness, but could this be scripted?